Oli Benet: 1 minute of Powerblading in El Rancho Skatepark (Barcelona)

Oli Benet: 1 minute of Powerblading in El Rancho Skatepark (Barcelona)

Oli Benet decided to take his PB’s on a little test drive at El Rancho Skatepark, an indoor ranch with farm animals and hay at a secret location outside of Barcelona. Photo.

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  • What?

    So lets get this straight, in 2012 USD plans to cut all their Pro Riders pay in HALF, yet this guy here, who helped make the decision bout the pros, continues to get the same salary for “team managing” and also gets his flat in Barcelona paid for by the conference.

    Guess this is what happens when Carbons sell well.

  • What?

    Oh yeah, nice rolling tricks.

  • http://www.powerblading.org Oli Benet

    Don’t usually post. However this was just a couple of clips I threw together for a laugh on Sunday. I’m having fun rollerblading and that’s it, just like I always have since my first skates at 8 years old.

    Do not get paid for “team managing” a US team and definately do not get my flat paid for by anyone other than myself and my other half. Never lived at Powerhouse, either. I wish!

  • http://www.powerblading.org Oli Benet

    (I wish my rent was paid, I mean)

  • http://www.powerblading.org Oli Benet

    Oh and you got the USD plans for the pro-team wrong too. Good job on getting the facts right in general I guess.

  • mkay

    i respect the fun session you had, but i wanna see more powerblading videos that demonstrate the power they posses. like fukin extreme speed and huge gaps. thatd be cool

  • Rooms

    that lacked of power

  • kboos

    What is the point of skating a mini with powerblades ? Except the fact that you fall more using them !

  • hugh lively

    oli benets a fag

  • second coming of hyphy movement

    powerblading is just renaming recreational style skates with soul plates on street / ramp….FUCKING ICE. its called rollerblading all 4 down with corny frames and speed wheels not poured by street artist or shredweiser

    come to the bay area where we rape yo kids for 4 dollars and only listen to B Legit and E 40 bitch and see if that shit fly’s blood

  • Spen

    How was that powerblading?? That was just skating mini (badly) with large wheels. Pointless

  • don

    powerblading = bs

  • Anonymous

    why would a person skate an indoor skatepark in barcelona? thats plane old silliness