OG Bladers Reunion Jam 2012 by Beau Cottington

OG Bladers Reunion Jam 2012 by Beau Cottington

Filmed by Beau Cottington, Sayer Danforth (Red Scarlet), Carlos Orosco, Carlos Kessell ; edited by Beau Cottington.

Next year’s date is already set, save your pennies and make your way to SD the weekend of July 13th 2013.

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  • sAgona MOsh Pagodas


  • thesteeze


  • Umeå


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  • Mathieu

    Oh la la tellement de légendes!!! Un énorme merci.

  • chheeers

    soo fuckking awesome !!! legensds ftw


    fuck yeah nigga! dis shit be on dat OG tip. ya heard me? and also, I would like to set the record straight to by formally annuouncing that “NIGGA WE OUT HERE”! blader what? Blader who? Blader gang NIGGA!!!!!!

  • Tim Taylor

    Thanks Beau, you have made the best two edits this year. http://vimeo.com/beaucottington

  • jeddison porto

    Alegria alegria nosso esporte esta ficando velho. muito louco

  • wow

    wauwww all the fking legends still at it,.. this edit made me very happy!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i love myself

    You go back and try again.

  • hollaatchaboi

    the beginning was so slow it was almost unwatchable, i just fast forward it to latimer and everything was ok again.

  • felix

    thanks for that…blake dennis still has it…more of dustin please!
    so amazing! memories

  • owl

    bryan jaggers, latimer, blake dennis thanks

  • M.

    Thank you !
    Proud to be an OG blader

  • pro boot

    son of a gun….get your bathing suits…

  • Scorpion King

    So wish I was there. That was some fun times I’m sure. Oh yeah. Fuck Shima He’s not old school, he’s old news

  • Noob Skater

    I don’t get it… non of these old guys are spinning to win ?

    Where are the back flipz bro ?

  • “shiftyroyalenowthatsahardtrick”

    nice vg4 touch at the end….classic

  • http://www.myspace.com/djwrekshopmusic DJ WREKSHOP

    One of the best edits ever posted on here!!!
    Blake Dennis, Kevin Gillan, Dayton Coopersmith, B Hardin?!?! Not to mention all the other legends/heros/icons whatever you want to call them. Great to see these guys are still rolling and having fun. Thank you so much for putting this together Beau. Look forward to more OG sessions in the future. Maybe an East Coast session?

  • Billy

    Jason Marshall & some VG4! Classic.


    good skating
    and i saw there, a vibrams ff – they are so great !!!!

  • Sholto


  • i am dirty

    this edit has made me so happy

    thank you

    connor you are the man!

  • marselis

    Nice to see the OG’s still reppin hard. Even dirty bird Matt Mickey got a few clips.

  • Anonymous

    Shawn robertson!!! where were his clips? Guy was soooo sick!!!

  • http://www.taktika.lv Rob

    This is really great and should be like tradition!

  • Mr. scientist

    lotta love………………