NYC Street Invitational 2013: Promo Edit

The 3rd Annual NYC Street Invitational contest will be held on Saturday September 21st, 2013.

We are bringing it back to the location of the first years event, Williamsburg Brooklyn.

You can expect bigger obstacles, all the big names, and of course the same $10,000 in cash prize money. This years event is brought to you once again by Bernal Heights Collective and Create.


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  • Anonymous

    without vomit and eating from a dustbin it isn’t so hobo…

  • Anonymous

    hell yeah!!!!

    cant wait

  • Dan Mclaren

    I call lomax………

  • Anonymous

    Fuck I wAnt to go to this

  • Crusty Cock Slobber Tiddies Etc

    He probably actually does sleep on that bed

  • Anonymous

    miss so much the hardcore songs on blading videos, don’t forget your roots geeks!

  • Anonymous

    Fair play to everyone involved this has to be the biggest prize money for a comp surely and am I right in thinking it’s free admission too? You guys are fucking heros none the less

  • bladergang niggas

    Word he probly do sleep in that bed. Grimey ass white boy. He dont be all luxurious and he dont drive fancy cars like we do. Punk ass nigga. Blader gang nigga, we front hard

  • Anonymous

    That nigga Billy is Lakutis’ stunt double.

    FF to 3:01

  • walter sanchez

    ^ lame ! fake ass bladergang wana be!

  • Anonymous

    At least he won’t be late to his own contest again.

  • Anonymous

    why september? how about august next year.

  • Anonymous

    Damn. Ride for SSM and you to can someday be sleeping on some mattress with a bum. Amazing. I’m gonna go buy xsjados

  • Crusty Cock Slobber Tiddies Etc

    Do you think he smells of spicy BO and rockfort?

  • ig nig

    Yea yo skate for ssm and u can sleep in the streets haha yea son. Its all about dis money nigga fo real. Skate in jordans. Pimp swag

  • SA Blade

    Id like to see them control the crowd crowding a little more. Shit has to suck.

  • Ronnie James Dickinson

    It was unfortunate they had to move it to a skatepark last year, but Bolino’s 540 to fakie roll on that double set was siiiiiiiiiiiiiick…

  • Anonymous

    bring back last man standing this comp blows dick

  • First


  • Anonymous

    Tippity tap tap comp.

  • The Artful Throbber

    Fackin tip tap curb skaters I bet they all arrive in skinny jeans too the smelly cunnys.

  • Ny skater

    Please invite roman abrate so we can see some real deal pro skating

  • Help

    Invite Nils and some of the Frenchy’s plus CJ so we don’t have to be bored watching Valo skaters tap little obstacles

  • Billy O’Neill

    wow, you guys are all fags.