Nouvelle Ligne, NL #1 Contest (2006) : Edit by Chico

nouvelle ligne association

Edit of the Nouvelle Ligne, NL #1 Contest. Filmed and edited by Chico.

Featuring skating from Tobias Wollman, Jon Matter, Beat Schillmeier, Daniel Prell, Stephane Dejean, Stephane Alfano, Bruno Loewe, Roman Abrate, Etienne Montet, Mathias Silhan, Lamine Fathi, Warren Digne, Aktarus, Ramoutcho, Guillaume Latchimy, Kevin Quintin, Patrick Zimmermann and more !

Two animated gifs from the video :
Mathias Silhan : Fakie 720 Ts Mizou in the vert
Roman Abrate : Quarter to rail Disaster

Download : (zipped wmv, 55mb)

stephane alphano
up : Stephane Alfano, skating at the Nouvelle Ligne NL #1 Contest | enlarge

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Full Results of the contest :


1. Patrick Zimmermann
2. Lamine Fathi
3. Aktarus
4. Kevin Quentin
5. Stouf

Street Pros :

1. Bruno Lowe
2. Roman Abrate
3. Stephane Alfano
4. Das

Street Amateurs :

1. Jon Matter
2. Tobias Wollman
3. Guillaume Latchimy aka Ouistiti

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  • Racar

    Bête de contest et l’edit retranscri bien ça, vivement le prochain. AIGHHHT!!!

  • razorskate

    what is the first song??

  • Ptahotep

    bel édit!! on sent qu’yavait de lambiance

  • swexican

    holy crap.. that was some sick skating.. that 720 tru mizou was sick and the disaster.. holy crap.. dont have anywords to describe it except for holy crap..

  • gify13

    racar tu sers a rien !!!! 95 mes fesse

  • OurOs

    HOUHOUHOU le contest de chez nous :) !!! Vivement le prochaaaain ! NOUVELLE LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGNE !

  • Racar

    j’t’emmerde Gify ;)

  • Tyeg

    the skating is Sick and the atmosphere look really chill.

    I wish i was there

  • Lukas

    ..haha…seems as if Bruno was pretty wasted…haha…

  • toperz

    whats the 1 song??

  • OurOs

    I don’t know :/ sry

  • GREG

    bonjour a tous,si kelk1 connait guillaume latchimy aka ouistiti qui a participer a nvl1,nokia fise en roller amateur faite moi signe svp si vous avez des info sur lui. merci d avance …sportivement greg

  • GREG
  • GREG

    salut bon personne ne connait guillaume latchimy . si info merci de me contacter c important merci

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