Nokia Fise 2006, Official Dvd : Review

nokia fise dvd with an erik bailey poster

Here is the Nokia Fise 2006 official Dvd. The dvd is pretty good and features a rollerblading street plus ramp edit ; in bonus you even got a street profile of the french legend Wilfried Rossignol.

8 posters are offered with the dvd and take a look above, Erik Bailey was featured for the rollerblading one. Of course as usual for the Fise, other extreme sports are featured (bmx, motorbike, skateboard, …).

jon julio

About the dvd : the language used in french, but there is an english dubbing for the dvd (not sure about the technical term, but the volume of the french language is lowered while an english voice translate at the same time).

The dvd is a kind of reportage and is really better than the previous year ; some riders like Wilfried Rossignol, Taig Khris, Jon Julio and others are interviewed.

wilfried rossignol

If you’re interestested you can purchase the dvd online for 10 euros (shipping included but i’m not sure they ship worldwide).

Nokia Fise Related News :

Discover the Dvd in pictures :

Dvd Interface :

nokia fise

nokia fise

nokia fise
up : Dvd Content

taig khris
up : Taig Khris / Ramp Dudes

nokia fise
up : Camera Boys / Sven Boekhorst, Skating the vert

nokia fise : Julien Cudot, Lamine Fathi
up : Lamine Fathi, Julien Cudot and others…

Wilfried Rossignol, Street Profile :

wilfried rossignol

and for those who missed the Nokia Fise 2006 results :

nokia fise
up : Top 3 winners – street Contest : Erik Bailey, Wilfried Rossignol and Oli Short

Street Results :

  1. Erik Bailey
  2. Wilfried Rossignol
  3. Oli Short
  4. Ilia Koutchoukov
  5. Nicolas Auroux
  6. Roman Abrate
  7. Jon Julio
  8. Pierre Akrich
  9. Tom Piekarski
  10. Etienne Montet

nokia fise
up : Top 3 winners – Vert Contest

Vert Results :

  1. Taig Khris
  2. Boja Fernandez
  3. Sven Boekhorst
  4. Otto Bolano
  5. Julien Cudot
  6. Lamine Fathi
  7. Niels Koopman
  8. Tom Piekarski
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