NL Contest 2011: Strastv Coverage + Results

nl contest strasbourg

Strastv filmed the whole NL Contest 2011. Here is the 38 min coverage of the event (all disciplines).

  • Street Clips at 19:30
  • Vert Clips at 8:00, 28:00
  • Brian Aragon Short Interviews at 18:45, 33:25
  • Podium at 32’50

Feel free to post additional timestamps in the comments.

PRO Results

  1. Aragon Brian
  2. Godemaire Romain
  3. Mellique Jeremy


  1. Chrismann Anhony
  2. Molinari Daniel
  3. Puisset Lilian


  1. Anthony Avella
  2. Nicolas Mougin
  3. Fathi Lamine

Full Results.

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  • Luke

    Pretty cool coverage! Good balance between the different sports!

  • Bob

    lovely…cant wait till next year!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. Great to see the vert comp too. Aragon killed it. Haters gonna’ hate though.

  • hater

    i couldn’t finish because the terrible music and commercials every 20 seconds..

    of course aragon won. he was the only one not flopping through the air.

    loser euros.

  • olfertpoelen

    working on a photo coverage right now…so pictures are coming soon!

  • Anonymous

    Freaking commercials make me not even want to watch the video

  • rrrrr

    jeremy merdique