Nitro Circus Live: Stefan Horngacher Training and Germany Highlights

Stefan Horngacher - Training for the Nitro Circus Live

Stefan Horngacher, Training for the Nitro Circus Live
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Nitro Circus Live: Germany Highlights

Nitro Circus Live, Germany Highlights

Check out the amazing action from our shows in Hamburg and Berlin –

Chris Haffey spotted at 0:22.

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  • Loko

    ok, this was really dope!!!

  • Anonymous

    Gotta say, the scooter kids didn’t look too bad on the big ramp. It’s just a reminder that the right moves can make anything look cool…Even riding a trike. And, of course, Haffey didn’t disappoint but that goes without saying.

  • Anonymous

    omg those guys are insane, great show!

  • Anonymous

    lol…Haffey has become a clown act. And he laughed at Taig Kris????

  • Anonymous

    Well, It’s a sad thing that the gratest skaters work in a circus like Fucking clowns. My opinion.

  • T B

    Its a Nitrco Circus!

    How cool is it that all Action Sports come together to celebrate the whole thing-including blading!

    To me one of the best ideas ever for a big audience.
    And FMX is so fuckin cool anyway.. so much airtime!

    Great to see them mixing it all up – totally worth the watch.

    Core should stay core, opium for the masses, haha..

    What happened to Horn? Did he get injured before the show?

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous is the only clown in this room as far as I can tell.

  • Anonymous

    2nd vid of him actually jumping the thing, there should be a 3rd or soon to be.

  • Anonymous

    Baaaaam in die Fresse!!!!

  • yess sir

    ok, this was really dope!!!

  • Anonymous

    Room? Is this not a page? Sure they get some cash for jumping a ramp with stupid shit. Completely pointless, you think parents are going to say to their kid’s ”you know what, you should do this” be a clown, preform for us. Make us look at what you do as a stupid pointless sport that gives society nothing except a laugh.

    Congratulations agressive dumbass, you have failed.

  • Schwuler Seehund

    anonymous … you dont understand anything! please stop skating and start playing golf. sure its entertainment …. why do people watch football, hockey, basketball or whatever sports in big arenas? to get entertained!! and in this case the entertainment is pretty intense and far from becoming a clown … is it just me having a picture of a real retard pissing everyone of in a skatepark when i think about people like you?? and you probably one of those guys who try so hard to be good but just never will have any style at all …. i think youre one of those rollerbladers that gets hatet all geh time by other people!! go home and suck on your mums tits!

  • David

    A tricycle got more clips than Haffey.

  • Anonymous

    Yo dickhead, I got into this because it was clean, it was underground and outside of society. But then everyone freaked out becasuese “there is no money in this industry” fuck it man, It’s not about doing big shit without giving a fuck what people think anymore. Now It’s about “look at us, we are cool like the rest of the other dumbass sports”. I never skated to get freinds, that was just somthing that came with it. I skated to leave earth for a wile, get away from people like you that think they are smart. Fine, you think this is “awesome”, good on yah. I don’t, it’s like 40 taig khris at once.