Nitro Circus Live in Europe

Chris Haffey & Stefan Horngacher Nitro Circus in Europe
up: Chris Haffey & Stefan Horngacher.

The first ever Nitro Circus Live European tour kicked off with a huge double header in Stockholm, Sweden.

17,000 screaming Swedes bore witness to all kinds of carnage on the DC Gigant-A-Ramp, and from the 12 strong group of world class FMXers. Visit

Chris Haffey, Nitro Circus

up: Chris Haffey at Stockholm Globe Arenas | Larger picture + thread on FB.

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13 Responses to “Nitro Circus Live in Europe”

  1. Questionquestion Says:

    Wasn’t it the so holy holden status of the americano part in our community -which stood for legacy, style and facon? Those longterm loved and sometimes even paid people now are acting in the famous artistics of caddy-jumping?
    The world is going down fellows and the revenge of the mighty european-skate-demiurge will rise and judge!

  2. Cody Sagona Says:

    It’s great that they make money. But it just isn’t for me.

  3. Swagblader Says:

    I fee like they p odd Haffey out and made him look gay with that shopping cart

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Was the Horn on standbye?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    good on haffey for doing what he thinks is best

  6. Tom Says:

    i saw nick wood sneaking round the corner hehe :)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    bahaha and Americans laugh at French? he is a clown act

  8. Anonymous Says:

    The long part where they tell how many flights were needed for this to happen made me sick.
    Plus the bitch who thought Düsseldorf was the capital of Sweden.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    whats the deal with the shoppingcart? i dont get it

  10. Yi Yiiiiiiiiii Says:

    Tough to blast Taig and then do this…

  11. lol Says:

    rollerbladings “progression” from X-Games to Circus act

  12. ironmaiden Says:

    this coments are making me sad… its the nitro circus dudes! we all should be proud that a inliner made it into that shit… stop hatin – keep skatin!!!

  13. Jarvis Says:

    It’s the best thing to see Haffy joining a great show. If he wasn’t everyone was like “those mutherfuckers dont put in rollerblading”.
    Stop complaining. Get a life, at least a job or do your homework – kids.