Nils Jansons: Therolling Skiboard edit

Skiing action at 2:40.

Nils Jansons: Therolling Skiboard edit

Song: Mac Miller, Best Day Ever Freestyle – TeeJay.

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  • SSM=Same Shit Man

    Ok. Interesting. Funny at first then he starts to get the hang of it and gets way better.

  • Mitch

    Snowblades are absolute shit if you want to do anything proper with them, for example, ride an actual mountain or mountainous terrain. This kids got good style on them though. They’re just a bit impractical compared to freeskis.

  • Marc

    they are badass! understood on that last point I can see where that would be a problem with snow, but those last few park tricks looked so sick

  • Jezza

    that was siiick! post it up on they will love that shit haha

  • Anonymous

    6 month to find this video and this is only 1 day after

    i hate snowblade but nils is makin it good however i d prefer to see nils with real skis

  • Darren

    This should have stayed in the late 90s
    Without proper full size skis you can’t go big and stay in control

  • axel

    putt some real freestyle ski

  • joshua-roddy

    if you hit deep snow in those your done for

  • God

    Nils released this Ages ago. ??

  • Anonymous

    Rollerbladers love this but the strange edit they abhor. Interesting

  • Bianus

    ok, nils is sick, but this skifuckin edit was pure shit…

  • Bianus sucks

    Suck itforward bianus causeyouredickis toshort

  • yak balls

    imagine how good he would be on a real pair of skis

  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

    why do people hate on skiboarding so much.besides sex it’s probley the best thing to do where I live.and on the real if the skateslider got bigger.75cm 85cm.going huuuuugggggee aside I think rollerblading could have something to be proud of.stomp it down

  • Eric Estrada

    He should try to sking, its harder, and you can go way bigger.