Nils Jansons: Ground Control, Texas 2014 Edit

Nils Jansons: Ground Control, Texas 2014 Edit

Filmed by Fredrik Andersson and Josh Glowicki. Edited by Nils Jansons.
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  • what??

    The level this guy has reached is unbelievable, so much style and control on such big spots!

  • Old guy doing little boring tricks
  • Broscow at Nils age.
  • Anonymous

    Comparing Nils to Haffey is spot on. This kid is the new Haffey. Old guys doing little boring tricks – Kelso? Broskow? Any Valo pro except Sizemore? Dre?

  • Anonymous

    Gonna agree with the comment about the hammers being sloppy. No doubt the tricks were sick, but this edit lacks replay value.

  • Anonymous

    More sloppy hammers please and less boring stylized curb tapping. This is aggressive rollerblading not figure skating. Nils has a big pair of balls while Broskow has a vagina, I hear the Valo boys will be wearing ice skating skirts this year. Nils just shit all over their tight pants.

  • lol

    the recent Tippity Tap craze became popular as Pros got too old and either couldn’t do big tricks any more, or they became afraid to do big tricks. Back in the day, old skaters were quickly replaced by young bucks with big balls like Nils who kept rollerblading exciting.

    No one wants to watch Dre or Kelso do little tricks. They had their time. Time to Tippity tap off into the sunset. It’s kinda selfish for them to block the young bucks for limited pro spots.

    Show this edit to a kid on a bike or a skateboard or a scooter and they might start rollerblading. Show them an edit of Kelsi tapping a p-rail in slow motion at a kiddie park and they call us faggots.

  • Fun

    Not the biggest tricks or the craziest video makes someone pick up rollerblades. Its people in the skateparks or in the streets who are obviously having fun and talk to the young kids and show them why rollerblading is so awsome.

    So dont talk go out and skate

  • Fun

    So does Nils and so does and did broskow!!!!!

  • Rcardo

    Incredible skating! Keep pushing the limits! Your are an excellent athlete!

  • steak

    omg OMG om OMG omgOMG omG oMGO OMGO OMOG ogm mog omgomgo omgo omg omg omg omg omg ogmmgmgogom OMGM OMGGOM



  • Anonymous

    Nils is #1 get over your bromance with Broskow. More edits like this please. No more curb tapping faggots. I like watching guys risk their lives and land tricks that the faggots are afraid to do.

  • helladude

    damn that was filmed by middle schoolers and edited by the dude that did the skating…..or summin!
    hate to say it…amazing skating…zero replay value…I will watch it maybe one more time…And I paused the shit half way through to finish my breakfast…I

  • Father of Nils

    CJ.Wellsmore Pro Model By SEBA on Vimeo

  • Father of Nils
  • Anonymous

    Nils will be the greatest rollerblader of all time some day. Reason being there are no skaters like him any more, just a bunch of pussies. he is already the most popular skater of the younger generation, and the old fuckers still in the game are so bad, they make Nils look like a fucking beast.

  • Alison

    somebody Know what name of first song ?? PLEASE!