Nicolas Schopfer: Kaltik, Green Grows Section

Nicolas Schopfer: Kaltik, Green Grows Section

Kaltik presents Green Grows, an eire made team video produced by Kevin McGloughlin. Featuring Nicolas Schopfer, Joey Egan, Keir Lindsay, Dano Gorman, Aaron Feinberg, Albert Hooi, Gordon McCallion, Morgan Lynch, Conor Manweiler and more!

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29 Responses to “Nicolas Schopfer: Kaltik, Green Grows Section”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    No shit – I felt dizzy after watching that edit. The over editing really detracted from some great skating.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Good skating but I find the style is over the top really…
    We’re not little teenage girl watching a Rock star so no one cares if you have tatoos and ‘cool’ sunglasses.
    Everyone should have their own style but why making edits that focus on that!

  3. Billy Idol Says:

    Beast! Love’d the whole video also, well worth a watch

  4. slim Says:

    really cool edit,amazing artwork!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Crap editing but some nice clips……

  6. But i like it Says:

    Amazing video! This dude is so technical but isnt scared to go big. Really enjoyed it

  7. Anonymous Says:

    mec, jolie vidéo, bon style, mais la coupe de cheveux, ça le fait moins, on dirait un raëlien. Suisse en force.

  8. Doug Cupo Says:

    That was fucking sick…great tune too

  9. broke milf Says:

    crap editing? you are an idiot for sure…

    very well done advertising for an obviously very good frame.

  10. excellent Says:

    to easy to hate, so I’m going to be nice, the skating was really good!!!

  11. lady Says:

    very original film making,skating was stylish
    cool video!

  12. DANO Says:

    sweet editing sweet skating, nicks the man.

  13. Cody Sagona Says:

    “no one cares if you have tatoos and ‘cool’ sunglasses.” True. No one did EXCEPT you, just saying.

    Great edit. He reminds me a bit of Rian Arnold.

  14. Dis Dick Says:

    Rian Arnolds less steezy cousin? Nice skating and I liked the doods style but the editing was obnoxious and distracting.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Good style tech tricks, du lourd mais bon un détail, change ta coupe de cheveux, ça fait raëlien le chignon, sinon c’était stylé. Switzerland power!!

  16. Carl Says:

    As much as I hate pointless comments that focus on stuff other than skating, I felt like I had to add one: “Get a new hairstyle, nigga!”

  17. john Says:

    cool skating,and very creatively put together,

  18. Hans H Says:

    thus is my favourite edit of nicolas!

  19. pudder Says:

    some good blading for sure. terrible editing choices. editor obviously knows how to do cool stuff but wow did it take away from the blading.

  20. moldy tent Says:

    Great skating but I must say, the editing definitely took away from it.

  21. Adrian Scoseria Says:

    That was so fucken sick!!!!!

  22. Filip Says:

    fucking LOVED THAT. amazing edit

  23. Richard karlsson Says:

    Cool Edit & some cool tech tricks
    Name of the song?

  24. coen Says:

    enjoyable edit all round

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Reminded me too much of rian arnold to enjoy.. looked like he just bit off Rian’s style.. like c’mon, can’t you be original? ehh, good edit i suppose xD Keep skating and rep blading for the younger generation!

  26. ralf Says:

    I feel dizzy…..

    those turning effex…the worst..

  27. Anonymous Says:

    You guys are some dick heads. Skating was on point–who cares about the broll showcasing dudes style. People who don’t skate don’t mind seeing angles like that. Swear some of these kids must suck tons of dick the way they like to rip on the way people dress. LOL. Seriously grow the fuck up.

  28. dacrazyfucka Says:

    nice skating but he looks retarded

  29. Anonymous Says:

    Loved it. Very technical. Thanks for the upload. Happy holidays.