Nick Uhas Going For Pro, Ep 2: Wall Street Wipe Out

nick uhas

Filmed by Cesar Macay & Jason Alarcon ; edited by Brazilionaire.

Crew Guy (scissors in foot) played by Zach Berger ; comedic writing by Ryan Parks.

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  • go fuck yourself

    this is some really dumb shit

  • alexander

    Hahahaha sickk!! liked it

  • wow

    He isn’t ‘going for pro’ really is he. His youtube page has tons of 16 year old girls saying ur super cute haha I think thats why he makes the videos so cheesy idk, I am confused by these videos…

  • fridoeebo

    jajajajaj that was some of the best shit ever.
    keep doing it.
    to the other kids: stop trying to be so professional.

    peace and love

  • jay snow

    uhas is the shit, that edit was not

  • jay snow

    oh and you all sound like pissed off fourth graders with down syndrome. nick uhas is better than all of you and there was definitely no seriousness in that edit

  • rollinglove

    lol, i got the joke, this is funny =) that spot is super lit!

  • Anonymous

    good luck i am sure andy will fire someone else on razors again to put another joke on the team.

  • Chiz

    Really not sure how he can skate in NYC and not get ripped on for this. You mean to tell me he goes out for a session at Chelsea and no one brings this garbage up?

    The whole model of this shit is ripped off MTV reality cookie cutter tv shit. The shit I despise. The shit most respectful, smart people despise. Yet he’s using this format to do what? Aim at some fucking 10 year olds who don’t skate? Explaining what wax is?

    This is some sell out bullshit with him trying to self promote and market himself. Hope you get to your goal bro. Whatever the hell that is. Probably some reality tv star that 15 year old blonde broads will fall in love with. Lofty.

  • Twat Kiss

    First of all one dude bitched about how he doesn’t care if rollerblading gets any money. I’m sorry if I’d like to see every major and semi major city in the U.S. having a shop like Amall or Rollerwarehouse so we can actually see products and talk to people face to face when buying rollerblader stuff. Oh my God, actually being able to try on a shirt for once would be amazing.

    Secondly, I’m sure we can all see that the hate Uhas gets does not affect him. I wish we’d all be more constructive. These things WOULD be great for a VG or Life+, but as a “series” it just seems realllllly cheesey. Some advice: Don’t talk into the camera so much. You look like you’re about to bust out laughing at how ridiculous the shit you’re saying is sometimes. You can still market to the younger outsider generation without acting like they’re stupid. Simply showing yourself waxing a ledge is enough for a young kid to get the idea. A little more skating and a fair amount less talking would make this much more entertaining. Like somebody has already said, it’s a cool, unique thing that you’re doing and it brings about a nice chill “day in the life” vibe. It would just be a lot better if you brought down the cheese factor by like a lot. Then maybe you’d be able to still attract the younger outsider crowd AND get the respect of veteran rollerbladers.

  • K. NYC

    I really would rather not hate on any Rollerblading edits, but this is by far the worst display of “rollerblading” that i have ever seen. As a skater from NYC, I am sort of ashamed to be somewhat associated with this propaganda. Nick your trying to “make it pro” in NY! Are you serious? Do you know what type of talent came from this city… Billy O’neill, Mike Johnson, Dustin Halleran, Franco Cammayo, Austin Paz, etc. I stongly recommend you adjust the direction of how you portray NY, Step up your skating, showcase some other young NY talent… or GET OUT!