USD Carbon Mathieu Ledoux

Update: Concept of the USD Carbon Mathieu Ledoux. Thanks Clicnroll & Jordi roll.

usd carbon mathieux ledoux

Pascal Morasse-Raymond posted the picture of a mysterious red USD Carbon skate.

Mysterious Red USD Carbon Skates

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77 Responses to “USD Carbon Mathieu Ledoux”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    obviously a montre skate then !

  2. The Confrefrance Says:

    They are Mathieu Ledoux’s.


  3. MJ Says:

    They are disgusting.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    i think they are the mathieu ledoux skates , and they do look amaaaaaaaaaaaazing!

  5. Hans H Says:

    soo good. i would skate em in a heartbeat

  6. AllySCR Says:

    not bad, rachard johnson classic throne of 2013

  7. inVISIBLE Says:

    Interesting another C3 Pro model instead of a C4. I would replace the white souls with black and the white receiver with a black one.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    curti, parece um tenis

  9. Anonymous Says:

    definitely inspired in AIR JORDAN 1.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I love the idea of putting on those larger soul plates! Interesting tongue too!

  11. heck $ Says:

    RACHARD JOHNSON’s back on USD!!!… this is his welcome back pro model

  12. Anonymous Says:

    mathieu ledox !

  13. Dis Dick Says:

    Disguting. I wouldn’t skate these if I had someone else’s feet.

  14. FU Says:


  15. rollerautism Says:


  16. endo Says:

    these look whoreish fucking disgusting

  17. Anonymous Says:




  18. j Says:

    mathieu ledoux pro carbon 3. I have more pics of these.

  19. wooow Says:

    please post more pics!!!

  20. oh i see Says:

    Oh those are the new Lil Wayne boots. They go so hard!!!!!!!!!

  21. oh i see Says:

    You ain’t hurd him talkin about em on the I Can’t Feel my Feet mixtape?

  22. francois le francais Says:

    Trop tard, j’ai déjà vomi ….

  23. i t o Says:

    Of course it’s the MATHIEU LEDOUX pro model!! DAHHHH

  24. roler Says:

    this is a really bad picture of them. Ledoux’s skate is going to be so sick! the other pictures ive seen they look amazing

  25. Anonymous Says:

    USD Ferrari Carbon’s?


    I’ll take em if they can turn the shine down on the red.

  26. Michael Jordan Says:

    I wish USD would stop fucking with my shoe designs- I skate razors.

  27. From Europe Says:

    No, you can’t. There is way too much red.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    another $420.00 carbon?

  29. TTAMAN Says:

    USD, please, more confort and less skin, please

  30. will Says:

    mathieu ledoux’s skate. seen him riding these in a new edit rob g put together. although the edit is in black an white theres one quick flash of color before one of his tricks and you can see them all red an pimp lookin.

  31. Pizza-tha-Hutt Says:

    They really don’t know when to quit. I like red skate, but this shit looks like something from a Kid n Play move. The 80’s are gone, so are the 90’s Stop making ugly fucking carbons USD. It’s bad enough the carbon 4 was a flop.

    This fuckery aside. USD does good things. This not being one of them

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Ummmmm if yall ni666as tink these are my blades, you is wrong as fuck. Montre Livingstoned.

  33. Marcus Says:

    Another USD Carbon 3 ugly as hell

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like someone made these… Ugly

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Best skates in the World no matter what color. Razors and Remz are so last decade.

  36. Anonymous Says:

    those are painted bambricks

  37. bay area Says:

    what ever happen to that fucker bambrick?

  38. Anonymous Says:

    i threw up in my mouth……. twice

  39. Anonymous Says:

    mathieu ledoux….

  40. Anonymous Says:

    ramelle knights, word…

  41. Anonymous Says:

    Is don bambrick dead ?

  42. Anonymous Says:

    Ollie Benet ProModel 2013?

  43. Anonymous Says:


    Your comment was a bit too disgusting. Please go back and try again.

  44. Swagblader Says:

    brb #swag.YOLO.snapbacks.420#OPHOMO.phaggotserryday.da tpenisCRAY.nomsayinbruh?(no homo)#YOUNGMUNEY.#YMCMB.OBEY.illuminati. bb c u r mi lief.#ONE.LOVE.BABY.(no homo)

  45. Swagblader Says:

    These are not usd

    These are kore Ramelle knight prototype

  46. Swagblader Says:

    These are not usd

    They are cancelled montre ssm prototypes

  47. tnt Says:

    fuckin awful. copy of ideas other brands is nothing good. firstly-promodel franky morales look like a jordan sneakers (i know that project was his idea) and now skates look like nike dunk. pathetic.

  48. Al@n Says:

    Kore Skates with USD Liner!

  49. 666austria Says:

    carbon for girls … or barbie lovers… but why we should hate it? – bad ass – just remember – there was an ad with pink skates in an woodpushingmag – style points bob? – aha – click fuck… just remember …

  50. Oli bennit Says:

    These are thee doop carbun prototypes, they come complete with rec frames

  51. Peter Says:

    Well, check out min 0.39 in the Mathieu ledox/Guerreros´s edit, you ll see then in red. In a millisecond snapshot.

  52. Jordi roll Says:

    Mathieu Ledoux pro model:

  53. Jordi roll Says:

    Mathieu’s skating USDs, i Pay attention to the minute 00:40 this video is a subliminal message i only blank black i Mathieu section!

  54. the headmaster Says:

    140 people have no taste at all.

  55. FUCKINYOLO Says:

    that’s the biggest piece of crap i have ever seen.


  56. The M Says:

    GROSS! This could look cool in a sense, but so far it doesn’t!

  57. Anonymous Says:

    did usd really want to get trouble with nike ?

  58. Shirow Says:

    Morales copied a pair of Jordan Spizikes now Ledoux copies the ZF-1 boots YOTR how original?

  59. I would never skate USD anyways. Says:

    Doesnt he free run? i thought USD where rollerblade company?

  60. I would never skate USD anyways. Says:

  61. Anonymous Says:


  62. Fordayz Says:

    Santa claus skates.

  63. J.311 Says:

    these look MUCH MUCH better in person. Horrible picture!

  64. pro boot Says:

    does usd have a italian shoemaker…. nice work.

  65. Filip Says:

    those look really ill. fuck the boring all black skate having haters

  66. rollerblading is gay Says:

    i looked up those zf1 boots. hilarious. they look much better as blades

  67. Gloria Says:

    Mathieu Ledoux Pro Team USD ?

  68. 37 Says:

    Somebody is now soon EX-Conference flow….

  69. Anonymous Says:

    least they aint no fake ass jordans.

  70. Quinn Says:

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  71. rec Says:

    Inspired by

  72. rando Says:

    K2 Varsity : )

    You post is too short, blah blah blah

  73. TheTruth Says:

    dem shits legit! But SSM is dah best in my words for real!

  74. vasek Says:

    Fuck Red carbons is shit color

  75. la mère de Kstor Says:

    degeulass aussi moches que le skater

  76. Billy Xingo Says:

    Reminds me to the good old days of Deshi! (CH1 Vinny Minton???). BTW “the battle of reds” is back!

  77. Jay Says:

    no red skate will be nicer than V. Mintons red deshi’s IMO