Music Video: Franky Morales – No Games (2015)

Filmed and edited by Ulysse Prom. *** No skating clips ***.

Music Video: Franky Morales - No Games (2015)


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  • Till Deleuze

    Why don’t you rap about something, that’s not obviously only appealing to children, or at least than don’t use the most simply cusswords.
    You could drop lines like:
    I’m no gaylord with a skateboard but still a little childish,
    otherwise my inline-skates wouldn’t look so stylish.

    • Sebastian Andrei

      u should write frankys songs ait

      • Till Deleuze

        thats all i wanted to hear

  • Till Deleuze

    or if you go hard in the paint:
    I will end all Sk*teboarders in a f*ckin Yolocaust,
    and until that day 900-Contest: I call them out

  • Till Deleuze

    or maybe:
    I rap a lot with words and all and thats n f*ckin lie,
    Andy if you touch my mom again i really gone cry!

  • Till Deleuze

    I could cut your f* wiener off but that would have no class,
    Also i would start wonderin who should still f*ck my ass.

  • Trollolololernews Troll

    thought this was dope

  • Lee

    Actually quite like that