Mushroom Blading: How to Heel Spin

Mushroom Blading: How to Heel Spin

Todd Mcinerney teaches you how to do heel spins.

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14 Responses to “Mushroom Blading: How to Heel Spin”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    i might just do a heel roll forever now. thanks!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    <3 mushroomblading

  3. rolling since 1852 Says:

    Wish they had more pros and industry people (past and present) on the podcasts.

    Haffey’s done a podcast with them. Would be great to hear other people as well

  4. Anonymous Says:

    great! now toe roll please and on long distances, cause this tricks iz the pain in the azz.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Dustin “the legend” Halleran in, im pretty sure it was vg 13 with murda on the cover. !! checkout that heel roll out

  6. David Says:

    Nice Tutorial !! Thanks !

  7. Anonymous Says:

    lol comedy… can’t tell if this is serious or not… haha !

    Agree these guys should really stick to the podcast, which is awesome… they should post Mushroom Blading stuff with pros doing it for fun.

  8. Dedicated Heel Roller Says:

    i love the mushroom stuff! toe roll next yo!

  9. Martin Says:

    this was strange… he was like a normal man in this video… now, i am sad :(.

  10. mushroom trippin Says:

    fuck up gayboy shits lame close the garage door dont let anyone see you


  11. Anonymous Says:

    Stupid shit Please go back and try again.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Todd is the fucking man!

  13. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    17 years in the game and I think I actually learned something from this. Thanks Todd bout to get my heel spin on.

  14. ck grindhop Says:

    this is about the only thing lamer than a basement toyrail park, i’d reckon.