MotorTown Classic 2016: Southern Scum Edit

We just recently returned from the trip to Detroit. Today we pack & move into an RV for the Born Free Tour. Therefore not a whole lot of time to talk about our experience in Michigan.

MotorTown Classic 2016: Southern Scum Edit

So here’s a quick chop up if some iPhone footy from the weekend. Congrats to Luke, Yuto & Don for the top 3 wins. Shout out SP (& fam) & LJ Fanti for the hospitality. Shout out Zac Straight & James Fisher for pulling off the chilliest vid premiere ever!

Skating by Scott Hatton, Elliot Feltner, Stefan Brandow, Brandon L Thompson, Travis Rhodes, Yuto Goto, Eiji Sakihara, Don, Luke Nasty.

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