Morgan Lynch (Ireland): 2005 – 2006 Clips

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23 Responses to “Morgan Lynch (Ireland): 2005 – 2006 Clips”

  1. quinny Says:

    fuckin sik as always morgan.

  2. mariachi Says:


  3. BorisG Says:

    wow totally unexpected!
    really creative with your shit, Morgan!

  4. hadji Says:

    mmm now that was nice and creative!!!

  5. bald_gye Says:

    bend your fucking knee’s

  6. tom Says:

    morgan is sick

  7. shaboi Says:

    so sick

  8. ... Says:

    Wanna-be farmer style..

  9. Cata Says:


  10. Joe Says:

    he should skate for roces

  11. rollerblading is gay Says:

    reminds me of REALLY old farmer footage

  12. macca - liverpool Says:

    oi bald_gye

    shut the fuck up.
    grow some hair.

    sick edit.

    that ledge (back sav) looks like a fuckin session.

  13. FROZEN POO Says:


    bald_gye, sit down and think more about what you say :)
    in a self reflective sence…
    no offence

  14. marosh Says:

    oh man why do haters have to occur in every single news post? this was really nice clean edit, royale cess down the stairs really reminded me of good ol days… this boy got it all. creativity and sick hammers. big props!

  15. blader Says:

    morgan is a beast

  16. conor Says:

    Props Fein !Sick edit !

  17. nhrb Says:

    amazing skating, edit was far to slow though

    faster music and some tighter angles and it would suit his style of skating

    the ally top soul to swetty is still making my head hurt!

  18. portas Says:

    i always wondered who that guy was who does the back roy to drop, now I know. nice edit

  19. vinylhead Says:

    great skating but editing and filming filming were less to be desired and i love sage francis but i think a different song would have fit this section better

  20. harrie Says:

    fuckin nice!!!
    love the guts that he has….i mean
    he really does that kind of tricks that i only fantasize about when im walking though the streets…

    soo if u ask me,
    hes a brilliant skater :)

    big ups dude !!!

  21. CURLS Says:

    SIK SHIT MORG,i thoughthim everyting he knows. haha haha


  22. dotts Says:

    fair fucks morg, sick skatin. freaked i didnt keep it up lookin at that shit. keep goin kid

  23. keir Says:

    sick man, he made what he was doing look easy