Montre Livingston: USD Street Edit by Kenneth Owens

Montre Livingston: USD Street Edit by Kenneth Owens

Filmed in Charlotte, NC.

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  • Billy Doyle

    My nigga be strait popping shit bitches. That’s my dog woof woof


    Nigga! I stay smokin and lookin foe jordan release dates, matta fact im bout to get Jordan GANG tatted accross my lower back nigga! we OUT HERE!!

  • Anonymous

    Who the f… choose this awful music for this ???

  • Alx Jones


  • Tical3HB

    Best looking skates. Pay attention kids he does a lot switch tricks in here. Souls both ways, alley-pop souls both ways. And FYI no skaters make much money USD or not try $800 a month tops. @blargh eat a dick Dalnas will skate circles around your ass, you kidding?

  • Billy Xingo

    For y’all those haters, bitch pleeeease…he’s going back to original style! Check out the first Black Market n you’ll see that. Say what…butter skates??? I’ve been in that 4 times n I just getting better with it. USD nowadays it’s like Toyota in rollerblading (heaps of variant n models) so I’d like to say they’re the biggest company, nuff said…

  • Salinas ca

    Yes,good edit bah nothing crazy,& for those of you who saying mute the music,or that he should be skating wid broskow,you are u fuking idiots! ssm iz nothing bah a bunch of fuking clowns,montre had a shit for shit there,and in my opinion if it wassent for shima picking up montre in the beginning,they wouldent even be as popular as there are today!(wich izent much)Ya,we All knw montre tore shit up like no other in razor/remz,bah USD is his home now,& I knw he wil drop a sick fuken edit soon,give him time ppl,good edit montre!

  • It hurts

    To see his skating suffer that much

  • should have some generic shitty rock like every ssm edit

    if you don’t like the music just go on youtube and play your turd tune in the background