Montre Livingston: The Truth II Section

Montre Livingston: The Truth II Section

The Truth: More Media.

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    So much videos of Montre, is he died ????

  • Anonymous

    ++++++++++++++++++++ RIP MONTRE ++++++++++++++

  • Anonymous

    Big talented skater, bridge gap was massive…

  • heardat bitch

    Let’s talk more shit about Shima

  • Triple OG

    He isn’t died, but shima killed his company dropping this dude. Montre is the reason people was interested in Nihm/SSM. Create original need to drop Shima because Montre is the reason the actually pick his cocky no personally ass up. Shima is a BITCH and he isn’t paying anybody but himself on SSM.
    P.S Monte will get pick up by a real skate company that care for they rider.

  • Pussycat

    Triple OG, you are retarded!

  • 19 years in.

    I can’t wait for next year. There’s so many companies coming out. I’m gonna be broke testing skates out. Seba, Adopt, Kore, Reverse, There’s even rumors of a company from Texas coming out soon.
    I just hope they all don’t look the same.

  • Jean Baguette

    Dear triple OG – 2 amazing fire blood skaters made SSM : Montre for sure, but please don’t even think about forgetting Jon jon ’cause these too dudes are like some king of Ying Yang shit.
    Two opposite style/personality who made them very complementary.
    Let’s see how each will evolve.
    Oh and please stop talking shit about Shima, doesn’t matter the decision he took for his company. First you don’t know the origin of the conflict and second he his a fucking legend for our sport and he made more for it than you’ll ever imagine at 1% make.
    So :
    GO MONTRE, GO (writet here Montre’s new sponsor), GO SHIMA, GO SSM, GO the community of rollerblade has a family and not as fucking retard anonymous geek behind their screen who just rotten our, already infamous to too many people, sport. Wanna talk shit about a sport ? Play football or do tennis, nobody will listen to you and you’ll make no wrong.

    I’m from France & I don’t like you but, as we have something in common, I (try to) respect you.


  • Urbn^nja

    Aren’t Montre and Jon best friends?

  • eminem

    Fuck all you who call him a legend and think he’s untouchable. What exactly has he done for this industry. name 1 thing. If you can I’ll post a video on Youtube of me getting my ass whupped by cops wearing tight jeans. Oh and stealing a friends company and all the assets don’t count. has he ever held a event, made a game, started a show stuck up for blading like Jon Julio has. No.

    Who has he put on. no one.
    You got his back but talk shit about Arlo,Feinberg, Edwards, and many more calling them lame and old. This fool couldn’t even do well at blader cup, didn’t fly his star rider out there. Refused to pay him royalty on his two skates. and you’ve got his back. fucking lemmings.

  • Jean Baguette
  • Anonymous

    That tru topsoul. Gees.