Montre Livingston: Recognize The Name

Montre Livingston: Recognize The Name

Very few people ever become known by a singular name, but when you say “Montre” in any rollerblading circle people immediately know who you’re talking about.

I’m honored to be able to call Montre Livingston a very good friend of mine. Even if you’ve never met him, you know he oozes positivity and fun 24/7, and is one of the most naturally gifted and stylish rollerbladers our community has ever been blessed with.

Montre deserves everything he’s gotten and so, so much more. He’s a one of a kind personality, and should be treated like one. – Stefan Brandow.

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  • arlo

    to Angie Walton…show us your tits!

  • FUCKronin

    ronin Says:
    October 27th, 2012 at 8:02 am
    When Montre talks you understand why you can’t have him as top pro in a company. He is good at skating. But that’s all he is.

    ^ lol is this guy high? Montre has personality which most pro’s lack with their awkwardness in person where as montre interacts with kids and fellow skates instead of being a stooge….

    and yea FUCKronin.

  • leg

    Montre’s image with ssm sucked, all this garbage rock n roll shit got to his head. Hopefully he becomes real again

  • Anonymous


  • New Style

    He should go folk rock next.

  • ZiggieSmall5

    Anyone else think he looks like Lister from red dwarf?

    sick edit!

  • Jon Fromm

    stefan brandow is a faggot and cant do anything right..
    music sucked dick..
    that is all..

  • Mike G

    montre for president