Montre Livingston: Pariah Profile

Montre Livingston: Pariah Profile

Montre Livingston rips in this 3 weeks showcase of his skills.

Song: Jimi Hendrix – Spanish Castle Magic. Visit

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  • seanpquinn



  • Tagg

    Incredibly sick! Amazingly talented, creative and stylish. Massive props for creating and sharing this

  • Kevin

    best edit of 2013 ?

  • 666-austria

    What the fuck – he kills everything – montre for world leader

  • B.Unique

    Nigguh full cab ao tru porn on VANCE hubba? Dats in the HOOD (901)!!! havent been to dat spot in years. Montre i bet Jacuzzi took you there.

  • Anonymous

    Motre – Bolino – Broskow

    the untouchables.

  • John Gleeson

    Ah, Montell.

    Son, this is Mrs. Burns. I just called to say, I don’t love you. You are a bad son, Montel.

  • argh fuck kill

    he looks like a chick in that pic. Sometimes I wonder if Kubis does that shit on purpose to generate hate and more traffic on his site….

  • WTF Shima?

    After watching this edit, I can’t help but to think that Shima is a goddamn IDIOT for firing Montre from SSM. If I was to show this section to a kid that doesn’t skate and tell him that he can buy the same skate that Montre used in this section he would be jacking his parent’s credit card to buy dem shits!!!!

  • Mother. Fucker.

    He didn’t fire Montre, he let him move on because he felt SSM was actually holding back Montre’s career – its out there, if your interested.
    This edit is fantastic, Montre is the most unique and talented rollerblader to come out in years, he has bags of character, skill and creativity to match, he’s the man. One of the only skaters I have seen in a long time who appears to organically have grown from within him self without letting the culture dictate to him what he should skate like – but with an incredible sense of TASTE and not just an outright attention seeking hemorrhage of flacid creativity (cough Kevin Yee)

  • Anonymous

    @Mother. Fucker.

    If that is true then how come Montre had to find out about it through Facebook? That sounds like damage control, “holding back Montre” is bullshit. They’re a business, why would SSM complain they have an amazing talent? It seems more likely that his skates weren’t selling. Or maybe the conference paid a lot of money to make him available so they could scoop him up? I don’t know, but I highly doubt it was a noble cause.

    Either way, Tre is a killer and has impressed me ever since he seemingly popped out of nowhere and made everybody step up their game.

  • Mother. Fucker.

    How do you know that? I read the article released on be-mag I think it was, or on their message board about it.
    Either situation admittedly is odd, why on earth 1) would you let him go 2) ask him to 3) fire him because the skates didn’t sell – chain of command should dictate that Montre would not be left with signing off the design of the skate, and after all, it would be of more worth to the company either way to keep him on the team regardless of sales of his second boot.
    So with this in mind, I can only decipher that it was a gesture of good will towards Montre actually making a decent living from what hes doing, with Shima skates still being back shelf at this time.

    But anyway. Montre is the best.

  • cant believe it

    montre let the white boys get to him
    why are you following the tight ass jeans and shity clothing fad