Mindgame Words (2003): Full Video

April 2011 Repost.

mindgame words dustin latimer

A follow up to what some will say is the best video ever made.

Edited by Dustin Latimer and Shane Coburn with visual effects from Matt Andrews, produced By Trendkiller / Mindgame.

Featuring Aaron Feinberg, Chris Farmer, Dustin Latimer.

Soundtrack courtesy of Rolling Videos.

  • Intro: The Stranglers – Peaches
  • Aaron Feinberg 1: The Beatles – I am The Walrus
  • Chris Farmer 1: Local H – Hands on The Bible
  • Friends: Bon Jovi – Wanted Dead or Alive
  • Dustin Latimer 1: Gorillaz – Sound Check
  • Credits: John Lennon – Mindgames
  • Chris Farmer 2: El-P – Delorean
  • Aaron Feinberg 2 Intro: The Stone Temple Pilots – Wet My Bed
  • Aaron Feinberg 2: Ours – Fallen Souls
  • Dustin Latimer 2: The Faint – Ballad of a Paralyzed Citizen
  • Crescendo: The String Quartet – Stairway to Heaven
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  • Andreas
  • mooo

    prolly one of the best skating videos ever made! :D

  • Chris K

    Greatest of alllll fucking time

  • http://www.edge-skate.com/photos/ cata

    one of the best skating videos one of the best skating videos one of the best skating videos one of the best skating videos one of the best skating videos

  • rok jarc

    best video ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Steveig

    I watch this video so much…!!! Pretty much everyday for a long time and allways before a session :-)

  • smoker

    prolly the best skate video after 1999

  • pom


    absolutely fricken epic

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god… i watched the “Fall Section” so many times… and then they land the tricks and… FUCK

  • Soul2Roll

    SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY they put this online!!!

  • gayswaggers

    “prolly the best skate video after 1999”


    thanks for posting this cuz i have this on vhs and i dont have vhs player anymore :D

    wish i had the dvd with extras :(

  • nyc

    All these people who dress and wear styles and leather jackets and shades. IF YOU STOP WORRYING ABOUT YOUR APPEARANCE MAYBE YOU CAN SKATE 1/10
    OF WHAT FIENBERG CONTRIBUTED. TIRED OF ALL THE TECK PSSY STUFF not a single edit of all you ego super star pro now a days has anychance to elevate our sport as much as these 3 dudes in the video.

    This video made aggressive inline skating look more gnarly then any other extreme sport. Now a days we are seeing more skateboard influenced spots more then ever. A whole vide consist of spots other sports can hit. A video like this shows that our sport can’t be touched. The stuff now a days hahaha well thats another comment.

  • Anonymous

    ^agreed. people just wanna look good nowadays, which is funny because no one is watching. and rollerblading is not skateboarding. It never will be. Only when you understand that can you unlock the unique potential that is ROLLERBLADING.

  • The Truth Feels Good

    DUSTIN LATIMER = “best there ever was, best that ever did it”

  • Quantum

    To skate like this you have to throw your ego out the door and get faith in yourself. Rollerblading is what you make of it, if you skate small shit then it will look shit, if you skate sick shit it will look sick. The killer time will come again but for now we have to remind these kids that

    (You’re not ill until you do bigger better tricks than these guys).

    Heard man ;)

  • The Truth Feels Good

    @nyc… You can’t compare an era when people made “VIDEOS” and there was NO internet with the era now when people make “EDITS” with ALL the internet visibility.

    Back in the day only accomplished film makers with $$ could make “Videos”(not “Edits”) so it would take years of collecting SELECTIVE FOOTAGE that, NOBODY SAW, and it would drop huge to the mass who would watch that and their view videos OVer & OVEr again. Of course “VIDEOS” in those days seemed more epic.

    Nowadays you see EVERYTHING that goes down on a weekly basis and footage never gets built up, even in videos, to be released with WHOA factor. Also every douche bag has an HD camera and a computer so we end up seeing sooooooo much BULLSHIT footage and edits from people who should NOT be releasing edits in the first place.

    My point is if the internet existed then like it did now, our memories would be watered down from all the excessive coverage. I didn’t have to watch Louie Zamora or Shima just having fun skating curbs and ledges. We got to only see the hammers cause a video was HARD to release back then so it was always much rawer footage.

    Stop complaining about back in the day cause it wasnt different, we all just didn’t have the internet. If you can’t deal with it STOP LOOKING AT ROLLERNEWS EVERYDAY.

  • The Truth Feels Good

    I meant to say in the end our memory of blading seemed rawer back in the day cause we didn’t have the same blading internet content as we do now because computers & cameras have come a long way and now everyone can upload crappy videos to youtube.

    If the amount of internet visibility and ease of video producing existed then like it did now, our memories would be watered down from all the excessive coverage. I didn’t have to watch Louie Zamora or Shima just having fun skating curbs and ledges. We got to only see the hammers cause a video was HARD to release back then so it was always much rawer footage.


    This is old news. Look how far rollerblading has progressed since this – just check out Omar Wysong’s most recent edit to witness the new levels we’ve reached!

  • Danny Castillo

    Hands down the best skate video I have ever seen. I still have own a VHS copy. Its been too long since I’ve seen it last. Thanks for most enjoyable moment of the day. I can’t believe how much Farmer has progressed forward from this video. It might be an understatement, but I think he’s 1000% times better. UNREAL. Feinberg bring back the rough fishes and punk these new kids on the block out your way homie. Who does 540 off a second floor anymore! Latimer. Thats all that needs to be said.

  • http://www.bizine.com.br renato colaço

    i love this last section!!!

  • http://www.youtube.com/baysick basick

    hell yeah i finna watch this bitch! LOL

  • Mitch

    This video is definitely amazing and extremely nostalgic. But I’d like to bring in another perspective to people bringing up the “back in the day blading” being better. The hammers are impressive but I have to say the style now is much more refined. Sloppy landings don’t make the cut any more. New school blading is oozing with style. The older videos they would throw any trick in as long as it was some what landed. Didn’t matter how sloppy the trick looked, if it was big, it was in. There are people still doing hammers, but we’re just seeing a different, more creativity, and more technicality. One of the biggest complaints about blading from “outsiders” in the past was it was sketchy, and not stylish. I think we’ve got style on lock now.

  • http://www.vertigo-skates.com Xak

    BEST VIDEO EVER! This and Straight jackit are my all time favorite videos and i can’t think of any other that can top them…

  • Anonymous

    Fuckin great vid

    Feinberg is the MAN

  • Adski

    The level of skating in this still has not been surpassed and the tricks landed were not sloppy what so ever, and DL, still would have to be one of the biggest influences in rolling, ever.

    Feinberg, nowadays not so many people coming close to nailing hammers like he did/does.

    Farmer, well I hardly see any kids that can match where he was at then at his age.

    Mindgame and words will definitely always be rated as one of the best (personally I think nothing has come close to touching it yet) movies and companies rolling will ever have had involvement with.

  • RCH

    farmers was doing back then what aragons doing now, ahead of the mother fucking times

  • Ancient Babylonian

    They should totally make a Mindgame video boxed set

  • Anonymous

    i like blading A LOT more now, than i did back then…

  • Anonymous

    All I have to say is 29:43 is the bomb and can anyone top it. I mean maybe someone could 360 into it.

  • Superman

    Analonymus doesnt have balls to do tricks like this so the best thing is to say something bad about good old times.

  • The Truth

    ^ Superman get my nuts out of your mouth next time so we can understand what your saying


    Latimers clothes look too big for him

  • K2thiago

    Amazing video, and the bails perhaps is the most painfull ever filmed…rs
    We need to know how enjoy old videos. Keep in mind, is another style, another technologies on skates… but still be hammer tricks! The sport evolves like others!
    This guys have created new levels for bladders reach… and some of then, still kicking-ass nowadays..

  • Anonymous

    ha ha “This guys have created new levels for bladders reach…”

  • Noia jam

    quem fumar mais pedra ganha! Noia jam! uhahuehuaehu! ahh doido! essa é a epoca que o patins era da hora e o farmer era homi! Sem contar que antigamente os pro eram style mesmo e eram personalidades. Oh NICE, This is from a time when rollerblading was cool and pros were nice people and they actually were different and inpersonated rollerblading´s difference from the other sports.

    Anyways, ahh toma no xibil seus gringo nelso!

    Vai pro Noia Jam, quem fumar mais pedra ganha! kkkkkkk

  • CTroller

    my first rollerblade DVD, probably my favorite of all time

  • Spen

    30:15 is a moment in rollerblading that I wont forget, moments like that is what made Feinberg. This video was a landmark in Rollerblading, I thinhk it really changed/progressed things. My first and favorite video is Hoax 3 but this is 2nd. Loving the banter this bought up by the way

  • http://rollernews.com YEAH


  • kadir kandemir

    yeaaaaaa nice nice nice niceeeeee…

  • jesuchristo

    Classic Video,

    Feinberg and Latimer really destroyed themselves in that last section…. WoW

  • Ross Maidment

    The exact moment rollerblading peaked.

  • Will Bean

    My favorite of all time!!! Best of the best!