Mindgame Accidental Machines : Teaser

Blading video starring Chris Farmer, Brian Aragon, Billy O’Neill, Don Bambrick, Ben Schwab, Dustin Latimer, and Aaron Feinberg. Available November 2006.

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51 Responses to “Mindgame Accidental Machines : Teaser”

  1. Corey McCumber Says:

    I thought it was funny….

  2. Greg Says:

    That was great. Plain and simple.

  3. heat_is_cool Says:


  4. james Says:


  5. Jordan Says:

    well 1 trick in a trailer hmmmmm…
    but any way its mindgame so it’ll b good !!!

  6. stockwell lover Says:

    haha jeff stockwell makes my laff

  7. Dom Says:

    yes billy oneils in it so it got to bee good

  8. senatesk8r Says:

    lol, more color. lol very good trailer

  9. E$ROCK Says:

    hahahh that was funny, gotta love the rest of the rolling industry bagging on mindgame….

  10. nick Says:

    im so buying it.

  11. andreas542 Says:

    lovin what JC said about aragon

    looks pretty sick, bambrick has to be on of the best skaters around, cant wait to see more of him killin shit

  12. hoax34 Says:

    WOOHOO!! Personality in a skate video!!! Can’t wait!

  13. Kevin Baguley Says:

    haha looks like its gonna be sick. jeff stockwell makes a good point in the end of it. haha its just gonna be all these kids throwing themselfs off 24 stairs and its just gonna be upsetting to watch. LOL funny shit

  14. Chris Says:

    what did jc say about aragon? i hardly understood………

  15. :) Says:

    hahah no black skaters on the team

  16. satan Says:

    haha, that was brilliant!
    but seriously, i am least looking forward to dustin latimer…

  17. Roussel Says:

    that was gold.

  18. tu padre Says:


  19. Sqwat_nairn_scotland Says:

    hahahaha i thought that was a hilarious trailer… gotta have a sense of humour man ^^^

  20. usdskater Says:

    hope its not Black n white

  21. Cam Says:

    hahaha, I like it when they take the piss out of themselves…. it’s pretty fucking funny…

    Vid should be good… Bang! was pretty awesome

  22. corsica Says:

    let me see it !

  23. harry Says:

    stockwell is the only good in the video!!!!!! (L)

  24. Chris Says:

    what did jc said about aragon?

  25. Chris Says:

    i mean, did say..

  26. Lienad Says:

    Lol…good teaser…thought it was quite funny. shld b sick…all mindgamevids have been.

  27. randall Says:

    this is what mindgame needs to bounce back from all the kids hating on bang. a video that satires the previous and has a lot more personality and less seriuosness… and skits, no more of those.

  28. Alex Says:

    “Im least looking forward to all the black haired emo kids in it I mean don’t see any black skaters in it? Explain that to me”


  29. RL Says:

    “I’d have to say another Chris Farmer section, ’cause he is the least impressive rollerblader in the industry.” haha, i almost died with that one, and Rachard’s bit was funny, “Can you explain that to me Shane?”

  30. Mr, M Says:

    ha ha was awsome, aragon looking like he’s just not trying, so true

  31. plastic folder Says:

    jc rowe is clearly just jealous cause he cant land his shit as perfect as aragon this will be shit just like bang

  32. SAmu Says:

    # plastic folder Says:
    September 3rd, 2006 at 9:42 am

    jc rowe is clearly just jealous cause he cant land his shit as perfect as aragon this will be shit just like bang

    Well that was stupid

  33. yep Says:

    i like how tory was saying shit about farmer when farmer could kill him

  34. Gustav Says:

    hahahaha gota love he sarcasm
    “latimer in scuba pants”

  35. hans T. Says:

    zuba pants not scuba pants. should be a good video as always. what stockwell said is too true.

  36. Jim Says:

    its just a she pant its so gay

  37. freddy Says:

    i eat punanny

  38. gustav Says:

    Ok, now i know!
    Where do i gett them? hehehehe.

  39. randall Says:

    yep, tory, just like everyone else was using the illusion of sarcasm to make a point. bang was a “big let down” and they were emphesizing that point by making this trailer and having people say things like that.

  40. randall Says:

    and tory could kill you, so you can just pipe down grom.

  41. Zipo Says:

    jaa. man arii patika. nevaru sagaidit, kad iznaks filma :D

  42. Jon Ortiz Says:

    Yo Colin Carr laced that gap a few months ago…but its still sick..go to myspace.com/teammirror to see the pic

  43. dizzy Says:

    haha if i was jeff stockell and a kid named stockwell lover said i made him laugh id b freaked out. trailor was funny

  44. josh Says:

    haha i like the comment about chris farmer and his hair and the candles lmao!!!

    was amazingly overdone in bang!!

    and yeah, its kidna shit bout black skaters and not havin any:S

  45. minds5 Says:

    XD this show that rollerbladers hav a good sence of humour……. and theres all sk8boarders and etc goin yer.. rollerbladin just about baggy clothes n hip hop … skateboarders u know fuck all.. cum buckets…

    cant wait for the vid.. tis my!!

  46. Remz Rolla Says:

    Video looks great! funny trailer o yea i talked to farmer at eisenbergs and he said they made him do all that emo stuff with all the water and candles (so he says) any way hes not as emoish as he used to be cant wait for the video

  47. 2roll Says:

    billy `s section is gonna be crazy! somethin new for mindgame !

  48. pollo Says:

    is it just me oris brandon negrete a fag?

  49. grey Says:

    i will cop it just for bily

  50. chefcell Says:

    that was funny as hell

  51. baron de la villette Says:

    that’s the way they were supposed to go, and i’m voting for michael collins as the “black one” in the team.