Mindgame : Accidental Machines, Dvd Trailer

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The first peek at Mindgame’s new team video, Accidental Machines.

Starring Dustin Latimer, Aaron Feinberg, Chris Farmer, Brian Aragon, Billy O’Neill, Don Bambrick, and Ben Schwab.

Written, Directed, and Edited by Shane Coburn. Available on DVD 11/18/06.

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30 Responses to “Mindgame : Accidental Machines, Dvd Trailer”

  1. oldman Says:

    I will buy that for sure! What a team! I like the combination of rollers old and new legends, this will be a great one.

  2. mike/rando Says:

    i am so fucking amazed… when i get payed…. that and sagonas wil be mine.

  3. kaschi Says:

    the trailer is so .. hot .. every fuckin 360° or topsoul looks so nice.. love farmer and his style.. !!!!!

    so amazing

  4. satan Says:

    that’s a rather spectacular trailer.

  5. Lukas Says:

    …I´ll definetely get that one too…I loved every single trick..and the bails looked aweful….might be one of the last videos that´ll feature Latimer though..heard a lot of rumors bout him quitting the pro business…so no more profiles (?)…what a shame…but he deserves to step back whenever he wants to..he´s the legend amongst the myths mentioned above….

  6. nick Says:

    my roomate has it and its amazing, the skating is fucking slam jam. kind of like how brain fear gone was the most amazing.

  7. Greg Says:

    I’ll probably get it just because of Aragon.

  8. oneone1onezero0 Says:

    Don Bambrick signed my copy.

  9. mili Says:

    good triks

  10. kevin taylor Says:


  11. Scott_Nairn Says:

    man that dvd is as gd as mine, gettin it for farmer, bambrick, and of course aragon. the rest of the team are just a bonus added with those three, so many tech, and so many hammer skaters, the mindgame sum is unreal =D =D =D but that trailer has clinched it for me, defo gettin it now.

  12. spector Says:

    i think thats a great dvd. i want to see the aragon part and the farmer part. farmer is so creative and aragon is nearly like chuck norris^^

  13. Moshe Says:

    I am very curious about bily`o neil`s part, he is one of my favourates !!!

  14. kamyar Says:

    Best trailer ever!!!!!!

  15. kamyar Says:

    Best trailer ever!!!!!!

  16. skatayann Says:

    spector said:”aragon is nearly like chuck norris^^”

    BOUM !

    bon ca sort quand sur la mule ? jm’emmerde sérieux en ce moment.

  17. Nikon Says:

    what song in Trailer

  18. adam Says:

    i saw the whole movie and id have to say billy o neils section was crazy.

  19. Tyeg Says:

    I know what i am getting myself for x-mas

  20. smooth306 Says:

    was latimer even on that trailer at all?

  21. rasmus Says:

    yes topsoul on the dumpster

  22. tibo Says:

    Dément, j’vai acheter dès que ça sort…

  23. blank you guys are cool Says:

    haha is that feinberg fighting oneil?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  24. chadwick Says:

    its feinberg fighting either billy or chris,idk,,look at the skates if you have a better eye then me,,,lol….if they are usd then its billy,,,xsjados=chris

  25. blank you guys are cool Says:

    HAHAHAH oniel just got hsi ass beateb by feinberg lol
    but hes still the coolest

  26. ric Says:

    i hope its good. and dammit feinberg! dont quit skating! caine told me whats up. haha

  27. rollaurel Says:

    pete ca mere!! trop bon

  28. DarthRoller Says:

    Going to be so good to see Feinburg and Latimer!

    Not over-looking the rest by any means, but the two names I just mentioned were two seriously dominating heads back in the day.

    I really hope they don’t quit anytime soon. Would love to see a section in like 20 years, even if they’re doing souls on msall ledges and nothing else, hahaha!

    The whole DVD’s going to be immense.

  29. GNAF Says:

    Peut-on trouver ce DVD en boutique en France ?

  30. ROLL_OR_DIE Says:

    that looks well sick im gettin that, just for the fight alone itll probably be worth it!!