Mindgame Accidental Machines : Dvd Review

brian aragon

Mindgame Accidental Machines I won`t say anything new by telling you that I have been waiting for this flick for a long time. Together with 90 % rollers around the world I was searching for any clips/trailers/ info about premiere of this video. Finally, the DVD reached my player.

Some time ago, I got the email with message: “new Mindgame Video is here, we got it!”. At last! Three days later my friend brought the dvd and said straight ahead: “Dude, it is a blast!” I couldn`t wait any longer and pop in the disc”.

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chris farmer

arlo eisenberg
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  • http://www.ghf.com Yuga

    Great review!

  • krisk

    awesome one

  • Old and Bitter

    Mindgame is sick.

  • zfm

    “faut arreter d’idolatrer betement un mec quand il fait de la merde… c’est désolant”
    Fanf-la-merco, parlant de DL

  • Scott_Nairn

    well i know what i’m most looking forward to this christmas =)

  • http://penyu jan

    Ben Schwab section is great!

  • Old and Bitter

    “zfm Says:

    December 21st, 2006 at 4:36 pm
    “faut arreter d’idolatrer betement un mec quand il fait de la merde… c’est désolant”
    Fanf-la-merco, parlant de DL ”

    What happens on Pellomag stays on Pellomag.

  • DCroller

    personally, i thought it sucked ass
    but thats cause I watched it right after barely dead

  • http://www.inmag.pl Basza

    We`re glad that you liked it, check http://www.inmag.pl often for more reviews, tests etc.!!

    INMAG.PL crew

  • DarthRoller

    Christmas in 3 days, I’ll add my opinion once I’ve watched it.

    Hope it impacts on me the same way Words did.

  • monkey shoes

    personally i thought accidental machines was overrated and found it one of the worst dvds ive seen this year. agreed that fish and schwabs sections are truly amazing. The film was badly made and the music was awful. also the skits were annoying and i still really hate latimers section. this film was a big disapointment to me and if you’re planning on getting a dvd id suggest 2 feet, minnesnowta or barely dead. for a mindgame affair i was dispointed since i expected it to be of bang, words or brain fear gone caliber. i’d give it a 5/10 rating and not worth buying. watch the sections on youtube or something. keep in mind this is only my opinion, i’m sure anybody could really enjoy it.