Mindgame Accidental Machines – Don Bambrick and Brian Aragon Clips

brian aragon

The One Team did a little screener of the Mindgame Accidental Machines Dvd premiere that took place at the SDSF Open / RFCC Awards (you can check the RFCC Award results here).

Check some clips of Don Bambrick and Brian Aragon here. And yes Don Bambrick landed the gap!

don bambrick

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  • aTOM

    i cant see the clips , can someone host it on youtube?

  • Lukas

    …so sick…that´s one huge gap….go Bambrick….

  • dingoose123

    bambrick needs to be put in a cage. that shits bordering on being as cool as chuck norris

  • rastaman_dreadlock

    OMFMFG!!!!! Bambrick is fucking headless MOOSE!

  • aTOM

    please? thanks ?

  • Rollerblader

    don bambrick is such beast!!!!!!!!

  • shot

    co ti jebeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • spector

    bambrick is a bit like chuck norris oO

  • Metalsatan

    Goddamn good skatin, but god help, that editing looks terrible..

  • kj

    how many stairs was that

  • kj

    looks about a 30 set

  • kevin carey

    that gap is redicules. but colin carr from colorado did it a couple years ago.
    check that shit.

  • http://www.koubis.com koubis

    kevin : This profile is set to private. This user must add
    you as a friend to see his/her profile :/

  • DarthRoller

    Is that where Carlos Pianowski did that disaster back royale in Fruitbooter?

    Looks totally insane, is it bigger than “the” Eric Perkett gap?

    If someone finds a clip or pic of Colin Carr doin’ it I’d definitely like to see it!