Mike ‘Murda’ Johnson: Ego Profile (2005)

Flashback: Ego, the Razors Team video, filmed in 2005.

Mike 'Murda' Johnson

Mike Murda Johnson: More Media.

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  • http://createoriginals.com Brian Lewis

    hahahaha beyond good.

  • rollos

    murda eats babies… seriously epic !

  • badazz

    fuckin’ steez + uncanny balance! gifted right there….

  • bakJoul

    He makes switch-ups look sooo easy, like in video games.

  • Monkey

    Murda is BEST blader!!!

  • http://jinjoint.com Sean T.

    the editing was sick too.

  • sk8rs_s0uL

    yup! :) that was amazing.

  • ehh

    before he fell off

  • nhrb

    play the murda section drinking game

    split into teams, team one is royals, team two is souls

    team one drinks at any royal, front back inspin outspin etc

    team two drinks at any soul, not soul based, just soul ie…topside, ally, true, 360, switch natural

  • ben

    damnn…aragon is not my idol no more..
    murda is…

  • gay

    are you serious, i got this whole video off eengodidee like 10 years ago. thought it would be on youtube for sure.

  • TylerHester

    Murda is the sickest rollerblader alive!

  • http://youhatetoloveit.com Adam Johnson

    gay, it probably is on youtube at a lower quality. It is much easier to just look for the shitty edits I’ve made in one place though.


  • hollarolla

    love the idea about the murda drinking game…

  • http://en.clubxsport.net/Blog-Adventures-in-the-Mountains-and-Elsewhere.html Adventure Guy

    Awesome Videos, thanks for sharring

  • mooboo

    Murda is Murda! for real !

  • razors-chaz

    no offense to the guy i love his skating but i think i only saw two tricks which didnt werent soul based, royal based,fish or soul to royals. first at 41s and then the other at 3mins which i put down to editing

  • d nizzy

    AND what the fuck is your point exactly?????? Are you actually stupid enough to think that Murda can’t do every trick stance out there and can ONLY do royals, souls, or fish tricks????????????

    Re read your post and just think how retarded you sound dude. Skating is about freedom of expression and you do whatever trick you want WHEN you want. Maybe it because hes doing retardedly hard switch ups and spins, and not just doing a billion stances on some little p rail like your used to.

  • ehh

    all yall r dumb… murda fell off… this is from like 4 years ago…iono how he is still pro. waste of a pro rider. When was the last time he came out with a good section? THIS SECTION! ha

  • Winston

    ehh your a retard you obviously havnt seen his Icons section. Hes also got a section in truth 2 comin out, and from the random clips ive seen in videos latly that dude is still on point

  • Yayo

    u fuckers are just jeolus. hes the shit in switchups-park-everything. cant wait 4 the truth 2. yall niggas crzy

  • http://youhatetoloveit.com Adam Johnson

    Truth II, gosh all you kids are so funny.

  • deek

    yo im sorry but fuck murda. that kid used to be my idol an then he fell of completely! and why? we all know you can still kill shit, i dont know man im just pissed, i dont think they should of posted this edit.

    i agree with what ehh says: “waste of a pro rider”

  • Zack D

    Legendary. Some dude above said this section was from 4 years ago. But its actually from 2004. But anyway, this section stays one of Murda’s best sections.

  • deubeul

    @ Zack

    the dude wrote it in 2009.

  • Sholto

    so that dude was wrong back then too

  • Sholto

    p.s. this section is amazing!

  • Anonymous

    8 years ago. rollerblading has certainy declined. Now you win major comps by tapping small rails and wearing vests.

  • some guy

    ^completely agree

    I can say with compplete confidence that I’ve prolly been AGGRESSIVE blading years before most of u and can honestly say that this edit changed the way I rollerblade… no joke

  • Nostradomus

    Murda will be back, he left the game once before and came back better than ever.

    Louie Z. “once a skater, always a skater”, and thats the truth.

  • are you serious

    he didnt technically fall off….he found a career that pays and still skates on his free time …. he isnt sponsored , i heard he was rockin valos at one point but thats all ….. if you think his trick vocab isn’t big then you obviously never seen all of his edits ….when b unique was open i saw him skate , he was by far the best skater there …..you kids have to stop trolling and start skating and know your roots

  • lazare

    this brought me to rollerblading.

  • felix

    Saying something bad about Murda makes every rollerblader look dumb. He was on top for so long and he made the decision to not being pro anymore when he was still on top, biggest respect for that. And he still would outskate all of us on every rail and curb and you know that.

  • Rawlinson Rivera

    great song

    great skater

    great section

    i made it my mission the year this was dropped, to learn back royale true souls and royale 360 variations…

    murda influenced me and my skating, legend

  • Anonymous

    @ murda section drinking game

    and you still cant do any of his soul royal variations eat a dick

    even the simple cab roy 4 roy
    nigga you dont got that on a curb

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    “I am really free-range but…” has become a very common key phrase around here.

  • Adam

    Murda is no longer pro for razors and hasn’t had a skate sponsor since around game theory was released, this movie is from 05, his level of skating I would say most people would dream to be able to have his ability all of which comes down to hard work and dedication, just like with anything else that becomes praised. His trick vocab is something that should be aspired to, like I said this was 05 many still can and will only ever dream of reaching murdas ability on the boots, I had the opportunity to skate with home once in Australia, amongst others, he was the one of the rollers drawing attention from the scooter, bmx and skateboarders, that doesn’t happen unless there is something worth seeing.

  • Legend Status

    too many PROS are hanging on by a thread with diminished skills. This guy walked away and became a legend, instead of collecting a check for shit skating. props for that. wish more would follow him.

  • fo reals

    this is what style is all about you little vest wearing curb tapping faggots.

  • Adam Johnson

    It’s always dope when someone pretends to be you… faggot.



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  • dangit

    remember in uncommon grounds or quest 4 the holy rail murda had the look back royal with helmut down ring rails near 125st …. 3 youngster’s back then from up there pope, murda, n kid aj or cj i dunno he was killing sidewalks b4 everyone!! sections awesome for the mulally park rat turned street skater