Mike Lilly: Revolution 90s by Jon Jenkins

“Everything he does is gold.” Jon and I use this saying to describe certain skaters. Meaning they can’t do no wrong, every trick they do is amazing, every clip they get is priceless.

Mike Lilly is one of those skaters. His 90 was filmed in a week because of this exact reason. Blading needs skaters like Lilly, full of personality and style that is unmatched. One statement changed everything for him – “I’m not done yet.”

Mike Lilly Interview on Revolution.

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37 Responses to “Mike Lilly: Revolution 90s by Jon Jenkins”

  1. Ivester Says:

    Mike Lily makes skating look ok. It’s ok to rollerblade.

  2. Wow Says:

    Seems to me as though he’s lost his style, put weight on and got sloppy. Oh and also turn the sharpness of your camera down.. we all know you’re using a dslr dont worry

  3. Chris K Says:


  4. ray reyes Says:

    best 90 seconds yet, look past all the least important shit, video clearness and weight, thank god he still shreds, id consider everyone lucky to just still have feet to put rollerblades on and b half as good, shit just rolling around would b enough for me

  5. H.Watt Says:

    yeah i’ve never been a fan of mike lilly, but good to see he’s still rolling. at least he hasn’t digressed below the level he was on a while back. not that impressive.

  6. RCH Says:

    do some fucking grinds

  7. Charly Harper Says:

    …god rollerbladers are idiots. Go Lilly! And now that we still love you!

  8. RCH Says:

    idiots really? comeback when you can establish the difference between ‘know’ and ‘now’…

  9. Ivester Says:

    Im going to change “ok” to great. Mike Lilly makes skating look great! I think my first comment lacked impact. I think it’s cool that he does a lot of gaps, the spot selection is really refreshing. It’s still ok to rollerblade! PS: Who want’s to see a new Chase Rushing section?

  10. RCH is a spammer Says:

    Good to see he dropped that oli short vest wearing hipster fag fashion shit that he was doing few years ago.

  11. deubeul Says:

    gaps gaps gaps!!!!!!!! go lilly go!!

  12. fdafdaeq Says:

    FUCKK YESSS!! Mike Lilly the steez master

  13. Anonymous Says:

    great syle .!revolution riders are so cool !take care

  14. Charly Harper Says:

    RCH Says:
    February 18th, 2011 at 4:46 pm

    idiots really? comeback when you can establish the difference between ‘know’ and ‘now’…

    Haha…Dude…I´m absolutely ok with missing a letter once in a while. You seem to have way bigger problems…

  15. sam Says:

    best style, his section in face the music is one of my fave

  16. Anonymous Says:


    Sooo true, Stoked off of this edit, glad to see he is still shredding.
    His Road To Nowhere section still is one of my favorites

  17. will Says:

    man is 27, just started blading again after taking a break longer than most of the haters on rollernews have been skating, came back and ripped apart az.

  18. MattCTheHomie Says:

    Makes me want to skate AZ soooooo bad! So hyped to see Lilly is still shredding. Makes me want to skate again.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    nothing about that whole edit stuck out to me at all. borrrrriiiiinnnnggggg

  20. buller Says:

    all the edits out of arizona encompass this trashy rocker skating. in no way is this progressive, the skating is beyond terrible with horrific music. film somebody who is interesting, for everyone’s sake.

  21. Smashin Dumplings Says:

    Really happy to see Lilly skating again, and its nice to see a section thats not predominately made up of grinds, once again Mike makes a great section that the grind-heads can’t grasp, Nice on Mike, insane roof gap!! Can I get the roof gap as a photo for my wallpaper anywhere I wonder.

  22. Travis Rhodes Says:

    Mike Straight Killed it in this 90 Seconds. He came out to AZ for only 10 days and laced every trick FIRST or SECOND try and with the sickest style attached.. Meet him for the first time when he came out here, and is one of the coolest doods I have ever met. Always have been a fan and always will be. Keep it up Mike I want to see some more sections fer sure. AWESOME SONG too.

  23. ehhh Says:

    Cool tricks? Horrible style. Check out the light beer, bro.

  24. your mom Says:

    This edit sucked. His tricks are lame. Suck my meaty balls fagz

  25. mr. wilson Says:


  26. Mr. Happy Tree Says:

    That was fucking sick dude! The bio at 1:36 was badass!

    No idea why someone wouldn’t like that edit.

  27. Fuck Face Says:

    What a gay edit. Pussy tricks, faggy spots, and all around Gay. Get back to the drawing board.

  28. jesus fucking christ of nazareth Says:

    this nigga is the truth

  29. Anonymous Says:

    I love men like Mike Lilly. He makes me glad I’m from Florida and not faggy ol’ Europe.

  30. John Dickerson Says:

    good to see him skating still, but that was weak.

  31. Quinnmo Says:

    wow he looks totally different and his style has changed but still can tell its his same good shit, glad to see him still skating

  32. deubeul Says:

    he lost level, he gained pounds, but i love to watch this guy skate!!!!
    come back of the year!!!

  33. Anonymous Says:

    Drugs are bad…Lilly getting back on the horse, good!!!

  34. sambo Says:

    thats the worst load of shite iv ever seen its blokes like him that are ruining rollerblading.

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Mike is an awesome dude and a legendary skater. All of the hater comments on here are probably just breaks from jerking off to internet porn, watching the office, and eating oreo crumbs out of your belly buttons. Haters have no credibility. Mike lilly shreds.

  36. Ryan Roulston Says:

    Mike Lilly is boss
    Hadn’t seen anything from him since the Thrill dvd
    This edit makes me want to skate now

    Sambo you better be kidding

  37. Anonymous Says:

    I Love Lilly he is a true style master.