Mike Lilly: Adapt, New York Edit by Kyle Walling

Mike Lilly: Adapt, New York Edit by Kyle Walling

Mike Lilly rides the new Harmanus One White.

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44 Responses to “Mike Lilly: Adapt, New York Edit by Kyle Walling”

  1. amaze Says:

    Nice – reminds me of Petty.

  2. Garbage Says:

    Wack – this guy is soft. Which fashion trend are you going to hop on next? The definition of a poser.

  3. Marco Says:

    Yes, Mr. Lilly is still one of my favorites and its good that adapt rewards his talent.

    Nice to see the fast growing of a quality company like adapt.
    Maybe this changes the way the major companies produce products.
    I like it, when my product is handmade with high quality materials in europe by adults and not
    produced with low quality materials by children in china!

    Go on Adapt, go on Mike :)

  4. Marco Says:

    By the way, no hate against the other companies. I only like change!

  5. Man who is always right Says:

    Well, I know he is fucking sick. I love his skating. NYC and Adapt is also cool.
    But we all have to admit, this wasn’t that spectacular hehe.

    Hope to see something more spectacular soon!

    x, Manwhoisalwaysright

  6. Man who is always right Says:

    . was ment to be ,

    I AM SWAG.


  7. V4L Says:

    i hope to see something longer by lilly as he is really enjoyable to see on the blades

  8. Ross Jones Says:


    lilly was in skinny jeans before it was cool.

    he used to be fucking sick

    check his old roces edits

  9. FU Says:

    Garbage loves his men his baggy jeans.

  10. YES Says:

    That was perfect, would love to see more from Lilly and Adapt.

    To some of you people talking shit..
    1st. Mike Lilly wore skinny´s long before everyone else.
    2nd. Mike Lilly has been away for some time because he had a daughter, we should be happy just that he is still putting out edits.


  11. jman Says:

    unreal so fucking good, such a cool vibe, good stuff mike, #based #camoflee

  12. ronin Says:

    I like the skates, I like the skaters, but I’ve been pretty underwhelmed by the Adapt online edits.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Go back even further. Lilly couldn’t get his sweatpants big enough. He was a Latimer wannabe

  14. Billy G Says:

    Disappointing, I was waiting for more than this… Filming and editing sucks

  15. Billy G Says:

    Anyway skating was cool!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    This just a teaser…

    Also Adapt is all about style and love for skating. Not “droppin hammers bro” and blader gang stuff. They dont push their riders to chuck themselves down flights of steps to get sponsorship.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    lilly damn, still got that something about his blading. hopefully he can get out more and get it really cranking! i know hes got more he wants to do on blades

  18. sad but true Says:

    ronin said it pretty good. for the “quality” and “technicality” of the skates you would think the skating in the edits would be awesome, but no, its all slow and sketchy skating with sloppy landings.
    i think the sad reality is the design of these skates is better suited for slalom or rink skating.

  19. pop Says:

    not impressed by the skating…only the frontslide was like oke he got a 2meter grind right there the rest was meh…but as far as your product…those skate look awesome and im impressed of what the final product looks. i would buy them for sure, unfortunatly i already aquired a brand new pair of skates…so prob the next ones who knows.

  20. justsmashingfatties Says:

    Lilly is a good blader, seen him this year ripping at Pow wow.
    This edit was weak though to be honest… practice tricks for most of us…
    and yall get so hard on broskow for nick nack paddy wack!!!!

  21. Cody Sagona Says:

    Lilly has been wearing “skinny jeans” (the American definition of it, that is) since 1997, and it was only about 2002 (truth to be told it first seriously swept through SoCal in the fall of 2004) that the trend started so I think it’s fair to say he isn’t as guilty for wearing normal fitting jeans. And besides, he was never a real fan of the vest which he deemed, falsely I must say, “German 70’s” and actually preferred the more neutral long sleeved shirt with a cool logo on it. Well, what can I say? You really are one uneducated lot. Mike Lilly was always the denim type of guy, in a most respectable and natural way, BUT never the death-of-rollerblading-hipster-with-skinny-jeans. We need to get this pants criticism straight, for the survival of our sport! Best regards.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Mike went from illy to silly, but thats okay because rollerblading does not reward any effort

  23. Anonymous Says:

    dude really that was weak

  24. Anonymous Says:

    i am thrilled to death to see his crazy ass back on a screen in front of me with rollers on his feet!

  25. Anonymous Says:

    “Lilly has been wearing “skinny jeans” (the American definition of it, that is) since 1997,”

    LOLOLOL Nice try


    Look at that thug

  26. wassayoname Says:

    just noticed he is petty reincarnate

  27. dylan higgins Says:

    reminds me of Petty.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    so basically whats going on is since companies arent “pushing there skaters to fling themsekves down staircases and blader gang shit” that means sponsorships just get handed out to people who are cool, congratulations everyone, we are officially the only sport whos professionals do not represent the highest of skill anymore. fuck rollerblading

  29. Lee Says:

    That was pretty weak. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty weak.

  30. yawning Says:


  31. ronin Says:

    “Also Adapt is all about style and love for skating. Not “droppin hammers bro” and blader gang stuff”

    I don’t need hammers but just comparing Eisler skating in the video posted the same day makes this one looks amateurish and Eisler only skates very small curbs is his last edit.

  32. Jarvis Says:

    I loved it. Wanna see more!

  33. Cody Sagona Says:

    Hehe. I know. I was just kidding. Don’t know why everyone talks about pants.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    i feel like adapt is aiming to please the over 25 blader. the blader who works full time, enjoys rollerblading in a different more grown up way. they dont sponser 17 year old shredders or the new kid on the block, they take tryed and tested gents and give them a quality product that is apreicated and loved.

    this is a much more mature direction for a rollerblading company and very welcomed by an older generation

  35. Anonymous Says:

    Where r those rails like half way thru

  36. AnthonyMedina Says:

    ^ Adapt sponsors 17 year old Andrew Broom. You may not know his name now but you will. It’s not just Adapt…rollerblading as a whole focuses on older bladers and seem to shy away from pushing young bladers. It’s not a “you gotta pay your dues” thing, I guess companies don’t realize the best bladers today were going pro at 17-18-19 years old b/c their SKATING deserved it. Politics aside.

  37. Psh Says:

    Anthony medina you are a fucking idiot

  38. Dave Barnes Says:

    Wow. This is really pro boot material. Doing tricks that were being done 15 years ago, only on smaller terrain. This guy was talking smack on Wodjas 5 off the half at pow wow. A trick Lilly could never do. Worst kind of people in rollerblading: People who think they’re way better than they actually are, and diss on bladders who are 10 times better in every way.

  39. blader wang Says:

    Go small or go home, ya dig?

  40. blader wang Says:

    Wodja?? Haha this guy is a scared girl in comparison to Wodja!

  41. Nicol L Says:

    that was soooooo weak……….

  42. swiss family robinson Says:

    yeah Anthony medina you fucking suck

  43. POZERRRR Says:

    Sweet ao fish on a 3-step bro! You totally grinded for a whole 6 inches!


  44. Dave Barnes Says:

    Yes blader wang, if you read my post you would see I aggree.