Michel Prado: USD Europe, Edit (2013)

Michel Prado: USD Europe

Barcelona continues to pump out powerful skaters. Michel Prado continues to confirm himself as one of the freshest new talents on the European scene, hot on the heels of Carlos Bernal’s latest edit.

Filmed by David Montes Aldea, Carlos Bernal, Oscar Prats & Carlos Campillo. Edited by David Montes Aldea.

Song: Gramatik – I do really believe.

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34 Responses to “Michel Prado: USD Europe, Edit (2013)”

  1. Jon Cooley Says:

    that was soooo ill! damn the fishes both way with that amount of confidence is incredible…

  2. BCN Rollers Says:

    Michel’s on top right now! What a bladeeeeeeeeeeer :)

    Fish in a drop kinked rail WTF!!!

  3. Rob Says:

    +1 for last two megastyle fishy’s!

    I am not a fan of 4 minute edits- always loose interest after 2nd minute, but if you have respectable trick vocab like this man, I can watch it all day. Really appreciate trick vocabulary these days.

    Will keep my eyes open when next edit of Michel Prado shows up.

  4. Diaz Says:

    Wow, didn’t see that coming ! HUGE level and style for ages !!!

  5. angelo ferrer Says:

    that was amazing

  6. bob Says:

    wasn’t expecting such level from european scene. that was very good !

  7. Angel Jaime Says:

    Amazing style, tech tricks and sick spots!

  8. Steeze Police Says:

    That was fucking amazing. Maybe too much rail skating but his level of skating is super high.

  9. Felipe Zambardino Says:

    É mais um gol Brasileiro meu povo!
    Nossa mano destruiu!

  10. kmcgloughlin Says:

    such a nice section,really cool old school style!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Diós, muy muy muy guapo el video.

  12. Bladerrr Says:

    Europe’s scene is on top right now

  13. Angel Jaime Says:

    Cool to see the old school references, when Michel only started skating 5-6 years ago. Top solid style in such a short time, compared with other skaters who take many years before building their own style. Michel is one of those guys who puts 120% on his passion, he deserves all the compliments and more!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    mmuuuuy guapo michel!makinon

  15. Ollie Rejodskin Says:

    Someone said too much rail skating…must be one of the curb skaters with skinny jeans that can’t do rails haha. Sick edit, sick tricks

  16. kboos Says:

    beast our comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  17. rollerboy Says:

    so sickkkkkk, Barcelona is on fire!!!.

  18. Quinn Feldman Says:

    such a great section. You put a lot of time and effort into it and it comes through in the skating. I’ll have to bookmark this one.
    Very happy to see you 3 acid that rail in that line. A high percentage of skaters don’t or more than likely can’t pull out those tricks anymore so that was great to see.

  19. jp Says:

    muita bom cara props from portugal crl

  20. Ben Fred Says:

    Really sick edit! Was really digging the bank to rail soyale. So steezed.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    sickkkkkk although i miss some true top porn there! thats like his signature trick he does it so fking stylish

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Negrito Bimbo

  23. Anonymous Says:

    nice work good all around edit

  24. V Says:

    Cess slide true makio. Amazing!

  25. Yuri Botelho Says:

    This is my Bro from Brasil/spain natural warrior!i love you bro!sick skating!

  26. filip Says:

    really sick. looks like a lot of time and effort put into this great section

  27. Funny shit Says:

    Nice edit, was at first worried about your overall ability in the beginning cause you show real skill but no air skill of spin, however you have 5’s down. One to watch. Next time show your transition skills and more spins to compliment you vast Arsenal tricabulary

  28. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    Damn this guy is fucking sick! So many amazing tricks in there. Hope to see more soon.

  29. Martin Krutina Says:

    lot of really good tricks on big spots!

  30. lamech Says:

    Qué guapo video jefe !!!

    Good filming and what a good tricks too !!! Really nice style and choose of spot.
    It’s a pleasure to see other spots in Barcelona’s edit.

    Keep going dude !!!

  31. Anonymous Says:

    1:37 ho my fucking god, first time i see this change, really sick!!!!!!
    Awesome edit!!

  32. 70SAV Says:

    Beast! That shit was solid and stylish. Versatile spots. Keep it up!

  33. pro boot Says:

    this is the european scene? whats good with the south american???? nice vid

  34. pom Says:

    this dude has super steez!