Michel Prado: Barcelona | USD Street Edit (2015)

Filmed by the infamous Diamond Eggs crew.

Michel Prado: Barcelona | USD Street Edit (2015)

Michel Prado (Spain): More Media.

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  • Gino Dangers

    Wow! Pro!! So many edits the past years, with such a high level, how does he do it?

    • Ras

      Mota ?!

      just kidding :P

  • Jezza

    beast mode as usual! Michel is a street killer! unstoppable. keep shredding bro always a pleasure to watch his edits!

  • https://vimeo.com/user5780502 Diaz

    As I introduced him on Facebook, make some noise for Michel Prado A.K.A. STYLE BOMB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This edit was beyond good.

    • https://vimeo.com/user5780502 Diaz

      On a side note, I hope USD will keep manufacturing some thrones, this dude needs to have his name on one of them.

      • Mike Way

        I agree about USD needing to keep the thrones going strong. They’re the best style of USD and it would be a tragedy to lose such an iconic skate design.

  • renatoinline


  • Angel Jaime

    Holy fucking shit. Every single second of that video was orgasmic. That line, that kilometric grind, those spins, those switch-ups, the fastslides, everything else…gosh

  • Martin C.

    Immature kids with their middle finger …

    • yurgz

      he knew you would comment thats why he did that

      • Martin C.

        No, that’s just because he’s immature.

  • Luis G

    What a beast

  • Bernard III

    That back royal!!! Balance for daaayyysss!

  • Nicholas Dad-chuk

    i literally laughed out loud at that balance grind

    this kid serious? c’mon dude. time to take a bag of mushrooms and grow out of 2001 before the kids start listening to papa roach and thinking brian hamm is a good skater again

    europe: stick to football if you can’t see this is bullshit
    america: thank god for the internet or you’d never get laid in your life if you think this is good skating
    rest of the world: you’re damn near completely irrelevant when it comes to rollerblades regardless

    • yurgz

      you suck

      • Nicholas Dad-chuk


    • Deadpool

      Cmon girl stop crying and grow a bit

      if you can’t then just shut up

      • Nicholas Dad-chuk


    • https://vimeo.com/user5780502 Diaz

      After taking a look at your disqus profile, you obviously created an account just in order to say the exact same criticism to multiple and very different bladers, which, if I understand you properly, is to come out from the “old” jurassic age of sick skating just to enter the new era of being a side-walk tipitty-tap douche-bag.

      Congrats dude, you’ve made yourself enter high in the ranks of talented fuckfaces in just an hour.

      • Nicholas Dad-chuk


    • Konstantin Babanakov

      got to try harder, you suck

  • https://www.facebook.com/pages/TopSoul-Colombia/326736034014432 Miguel Acevedo

    Nice edit ¡¡ good street like back in the day¡¡

    the bad reviews will not affect a skater that level and quality as a person. you have to enjoy it more and complain less.