Michael Garlinghouse: The Hooligan Project (2011)

Michael Garlinghouse: The Hooligan Project (2011)

The Hooligan Project is a rollerblading video from Blake Cohen and Zach Flugum.

Song: Thee Oh Sees – Grease.
Previously: Michael Garlinghouse, Sixteen Dreams by Dan Knapmiller (Summer 2012).

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  • assblood

    more like michael gnarlinghouse

  • Alex Richinson

    Reminds me of Haffey’s skating, maybe he is the next Haffey, overtaking his throne! Heck maybe he already has? Haffey is tired. Bring through the new Superman! Michael Garlinghouse!!!

  • V4L

    imo his best section. really enjoyable to watch.

  • Anonymous

    His best section and best section on the dvd .. straight killed it ! & Alex your stupid …

  • Dis Dick

    This dood is a goddamn dragon slayer. Killer edit, so much style, and always has the right amount of hair poking through his helmet holes.

  • Anonymous

    he gets better in every edit i see of him but to think that he is on the same level as haffey is retarded.

  • A haters

    I hate on him all the time :P but he is so fucking good :D nice edit I enjoy it. But Alex Richinson you are fuck in the head if you think Michael Garlinghouse is good as haffey you need to look back on every haffey section and every contest he win lolll because your lost.

  • Anonymous

    OH, COOL!……No.



  • Alustair Grey.

    Always been dope seeing M.G skate. This edit was hella enjoyable to watch. No gimmicks. No bullshit filler. Just a dood who wants to skate. And skates good at that.

  • Anonymous

    god that was fuckin great. i love this dude.

  • Zack D

    The next Haffey ? Ahahah. Haffey and Michael G are nothing alike.
    But anyway, Michael Garlinghouse has been progressing and has gotten a better style. I really dig the way he skates now.

  • K.R.U

    dude ripps!!!!
    shoulda been pro for xsjado long time ago.
    the next haffey comment was stupid
    styles are completely different but im sure m.g would take it as a complement.
    dude just won the badger blade off comp any one got a edit ?
    this is all i could find
    its pretty poor quality

  • Anonymous

    I met him once he smelled like cat piss

  • George Balham

    I dont understand what the last trick was?

    Also I can confirm he does smell like cat piss.