Mery Munoz (21, Spain): 2012, Uk Park Edit

Mery Munoz (21, Spain): 2012, Uk Park Edit

Song: Jay-Z & Kanye West – No Church in the Wild (feat Bebo & Frank Ocean).

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  • Anonymous

    solid ! good skating

  • siri

    u kidding me? the line with the 360s looks like she can barely stand on them skates. sorry no props just cause youre a female.

  • flowskate

    siri…haha..ahhh if only you knew..this girl is actually a killer on her skates!! she is so good and probably alot more technical than you ;)

    awesome edit Mery keep it upp!!

  • RAH

    Good job Mery ! sick 36soul

  • Anonymous

    nice. everyone who could watch her do her thing at this year’s clash knows what’s up (all them top rated girls).

  • Nick Shand

    That was fucking shit, just because she’s a woman that got posted on here?

    come to corby, thats my local, i’ll show you how to skate park properly. Or even better, come to MK and i’ll show you how to skate street.

    And I can film better too.

  • Jamie

    Nick. Don’t be a dick. It’s not about you, how good you can skate or how great a filmer you are. So take your ego and shove it up your ass. People like you take the fun out of rolling.