MCR VIDEO (MANCHESTER) by Alex Burston: Bails & Fails

MCR Video Trailer | Manchester (UK) by Alex Burston

With harsh, wacky, random, jokes bails and mishaps we let the guests of the MCR video start off the madness. See Tesharn Febz stair bash some stairs with his face. Also featuring James Bower, Ben Sheldon, Carl Ambler, Brados Beepho, Jemelle Booth / Jam, Elliot Stevens, Jonny Quayle, Matty Vella, Brandon Reubens and Alex Burston.

Music: Mr Scruff, FISH.

MCR Video Manchester: featuring sections of Matty Vella, Elliot Stevens, Alex Burston, Johnny Quayle, Sam Garland, Jemelle “JAM” Booth, Brandon Reubens & Brados Beepho. Also featuring Scott Hallows, Rumel Haynes, James Bower, Blake Bird, Albert Hooi & more.

Filmed on TRV900. Filmed by Alex Burston (and mates). Edited by Alex Burston. Credits by Pete Obsolete. Available as a VOD.

MCR Video (Manchester): B-Roll | Trailer 1 | Trailer 2.

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