Maxwell Alexandre | SSM Bloodline

SSM proudly introduces Maxwell Alexandre, directly from Brazil, the winner of Since Now on-line contest, to the Bloodline!

Maxwell Alexandre | SSM Bloodline

We knew from the moment we saw Maxwell’s entry for the Since Now contest he would be the winner. What we did not know is how much commitment and drive we would see from him within the next year.

Maxwell has the talent to be sure, but he also has undeniable heart and passion for skating and the skate culture at large. For the past year we have been able to see Maxwell’s devotion to style and eye for design after a while we knew Max was made for The Bloodline.

As always we strive to see our brothers not just for their talents in skating, but their drive to contribute back to our community. Maxwell was cultural brother when he entered Since Now, our brother in purpose always, and now our brother in Blood. Check out Maxwell and our other Brazilian Brothers at Vanguarda.

Music: Ella Fitzgerald – The Girl From Ipanema, Jimi Hendrix – Midnight. Filmed by Raoni Azevedo, Vitor Machado, Raphael Medeiros, Felipe Zambardino, Daniel Santos, Kaia Malaghini, Samuel Alexandre, Kalleo Hipolito, Mano Brandrao and Fabio Mad. Edited by Maxwell Alexandre.



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29 Responses to “Maxwell Alexandre | SSM Bloodline”

  1. this guy is good Says:

    Still he skates for shima ……..

    no hate , but the truth:

    shima is a rat

  2. SSm Says:

    aaand again. blone asians and black dudes are unnaturals.

  3. Salve Says:

    Esta fico irrada heim? Muito Loco! Pode Cre!

  4. american Says:

    sad that shima is out there putting on the mirage of a “bloodline” or whatever… short lived shit company that never produced it’s own boot or design

  5. Yobad Says:

    For the uninformed

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Looks like any old fucker with the right hair cut can get on Ssm these days.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    heart or death. HEART OR DEATH!!! sure wish stupid John didn’t leave our team =(

  8. Anonymous Says:

    More like black fag.

  9. Yandriel Silverio Says:

    This edit was fuckingg sick! Sooo many good tricks!

  10. hate detector Says:

    Wow this is some pretty strong hate even for rollernews! The skating’s legit. Chill and let the guy do his thing

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Very nice skating and spots which would had deserved a better filming/editing though

  12. Anonymous Says:

    dat nigga looks pisssed

  13. Anonymous Says:

    this dude fucking rips!!

  14. Anonymous Says:

    Is it weird that his style switched up the moment he started skating SSM’s.
    What is it with kids switching to a skate putting on that teams uniform?

  15. Anonymous Says:


    SSM ain’t going no where !!!

  16. Shima Says:

    Hey man you wanna ride for me , wear ur sisters pants , put this hat on .”………

  17. Anonymous Says:

    def thought it was sisqo

  18. BRIAN SHIMA Says:


  19. Shima Says:

    This guy new look is wack but none the less he’s good and fun to watch , congrats

  20. Meh Says:

    I skate SSM and I think they’re awesome

    But this dude is by definition a poseur…went all heavy metal dirty rocker wannabe the second he got on shima…

  21. Anonymous Says:

    fckin awsome #blackrollers

  22. Anonymous Says:

    @2:29 why the hell would you show such an obstacle in a skate edit and not skate it!!

  23. niggastonguemyanus Says:

    sisqo got into rollerblading

  24. Guardamer Says:

    Feels like 1995, in a good way.
    Rough spots, rough tricks and Red Oxygen Argon

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Sick tricks, super spots, amazing style. Do ya thing and huck theese haters.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    this clothes are so fag, this hat , he thinks, sorry i type wrong she thinks is european, use braziliam clothess,

  27. stay forward Says:

    Shima to Maxwell : “here’s some tight jeans, a vest and I’ll give you half off on a pair of skates…you’re Bloodline now! Oh and this hat…” Cheap skates, cheap labor…nice Shima.

  28. Anonymous Says:

    sick tricks and sick spots!
    Happy new year

  29. Dave Says:

    Shut put me to sleep