Maxime Genoud (Switzerland): Urban Kreation Edit by Geoffroy Dubreuil

Maxime Genoud

Most of the new generation forgot that rollerblading is about rolling in the first place, Maxime Genoud is definitely not one of them.

He’s almost every day on his rollerblades and enjoy doing hammers as much as rolling down the streets.

I’ve known him for years and what I can say about him is that when it comes to compete and lay scary stunts is always there to push the limits further.

This edit was shot during a sunny day in his hometown, Lausanne by Geoffroy Dubreuil & Pierrick Dind ; edited by Geoffroy Dubreuil.

Songs: Black Angels – You On The Run & Young Men Dead.

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17 Responses to “Maxime Genoud (Switzerland): Urban Kreation Edit by Geoffroy Dubreuil”

  1. pdub Says:

    woah didnt expect that, really really really good

  2. smoker Says:

    comin strong!!! pretty good!

  3. Crakers Says:

  4. Herbert Says:

    awesome …

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  5. donshishi Says:

    tres bon, l intro est tres kitsch par contre.

  6. Rob Dobbie Says:

    Never heard of this guy before, but he’s sick.

    Urban Kreations look awesome too.

  7. jim h Says:

    saw this dude skate at chaz sands, his style was very fresh and he was very consistant. next generation for sureee

  8. Jp Says:

    Dudes got style innit.

  9. Anonymous Says:

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  10. Anonymous Says:

    boring shit if you ask me

  11. Anonymous Says:

    WTF ! What is he thinking ?! He takes the song of Sean Kelso s The Truth 2 part !

  12. Anonymous Says:

    … and beside that, he’s the kind of guy that listens to commercial dance music !!! Did expect that (park, park and … park) for sure, 14 years old kids, all around the world, can do all that shit.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    anyone who live in a hot country like australia dont get them they get hot as fuck

  14. pete Says:

    skating was epic……but……boys a thief.

  15. shane Says:

    good skating but minus points for young men dead… sean kelso my boy. going to see the black angels friday by the way! :)

  16. Anonymous Says:

    19 years old.. next gen?? nah hes this Gen wanna see next gen check out some 14 year old kids edits these days… kids coming strong all year round.

  17. dyed red deshis Says:

    This is from the E-Rod/Bah vid. since RN is having cookie probs.
    And this is the real Dyed red deshi. I’ve been knowing Jermz for a long time and seeing as I’ve supported him through a shit load of projects those that do know me know I don’t speak like that to my friends. Oh and That man has got skills on the same level as Bah from Ego. I’ve seen the cat at spots with Craig Case rip shit up. So stop trying to impose as me just cause this doesn’t show my face. here’s a way you can tell it’s me. I tend to comment on people’s edits on youtube as Anonymousnamealso. and I still skate Hawthorne every now and then. What I don’t do is diss people I’ve known for years. and have wished I could skate like. Oh and This ain’t kissin up. Also If you know them and you’re saying it’s not a gang, then fine since I know you don’t hang around that type. I’ll back down but you know it’s only cause I owe you that much.