Matty Lavelle (14): Rampworx Park Edit by Richard Johnson

Matty Lavelle

Song: Burning Bright – Better Believe It.

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  • Liverpool

    Richard please stop copying Si Mulvaneys Edit styles. Also use your white balance.

    This kid needs to not roll Topsides, People need to call this out on people.

  • boomboomboom wheyohhh

    i understand democracy being birthed due to edits like these, showing an amateur level of skating. I think this format (rollernews) for displaying one’s abilities is such an open environment. sure, a lot of people comment on all the negative aspects of an edit, but i wouldn’t be writing if such a thing was not happening.

    My big disagreement with any edit posted being thrown to the lions, is in fact the lions themselves.

    you shouldn’t ever put someone off from skating, this guy is young. all i see in this edit is a world of potential. realize that! if you ever want to say something that was wrong or could be made better, say so, only say it without burning your fueled aggression and frustrations.

    west lyf x

  • hafti

    please learn to edit.

  • Ben

    yes matty amazing stuff !! @liverpool wheres your edit !? ….exactly so stfu

  • Molly

    Amazing Matty! Well said Ben, “Liverpool” leave your real name, make an edit then comment.

  • rob pruett

    sick matty made it look effortless at times really sick

  • proVoke rolling

    Great skating!

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • Anonymous

    Quality skating ,make it look so easy

  • Cat

    Really nice :) just alil bit to much slider for me in the edit!!!

  • jack bassett

    “Liverpool” i think you need to look again and think about what you just said ! matty is one of the best young skaters if not the best young skater in the uk ! I know this because i skate with him like 3 times a weeks and in this edit is half the shit he can do ! so next time think before you say !

  • pete d

    didn’t know you could do all these tricks mate ;)
    everytime I see you your just stright chillin haha

  • iAdam!

    agreeing with pete d

    Very surprised man it was sick well done!

  • MikeY

    Lol! Look like someone’s been watching Simon Mulvaney edits and badly imitating his style! Sick skating through!