Matt Lyon (18): 2012 Remake by Hawke Trackler

Matt Lyon 2012 Remake by Hawke Trackler

Matt Lyon is 18, lives in Ohio, is a pervert, a disco bunny, my grom from another mom, he is hilarious and pretty sick at blading. Overall he is the man haha. Here are his clips from 2012 I made into a remake section of him.Hawke Trackler.

Song: Earl Sweatshirt – Epar (feat. Vince Staples).

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  • whoody

    step on pornstar……buster

  • Anonymous

    dont aver show your face. wear all black……the only advice that can help you, you ugly nigga indian mongrol

  • Anonymous

    dont ever* show your face. wear all black……the only advice that can help you, you ugly nigga indian mongrol

  • erich bailes

    edit was brilliant

  • sl

    all that flame. its becomming kind of compliments on this site..

    btw he is not ugly, he looks beautifull. and im not gay :D

    racist – probably american – retards..

  • Anonymous

    Reading the comments on this site makes me wanna quit blading – F**K – what is wrong with you kids – no wonder our sport is dead.

    The edit was cool with some nice tricks. I enjoyed it.

  • Anonymous

    The 1st 4 comments were definitely written by the SAME person – I hope you’re reading this who ever you are…

    take a good hard look at your life cause you’re a fucking loser!! Move out of you moms house, try and lose your virginity and grow the fuck up.

    Fucking morons trying to destroy our already dead industry.

  • fathomo

    first 4 comments were written within 5mins, same person

    Edit was sick, guy looks kinda like a rollerblading version of David Gonzalez (skateboarder)

    I normally HATE most of the edits on here, this was so fucking refreshing and nice to watch.

    Last 180 was FUCKING DOPPEE!

  • Yobad

    Rollernews, time to implant an antiskateboarder-comment system here…. its getting annoying already

  • latvia

    he`s good! i think he needs bigger speed on tricks, and that last gap was sick!!!

  • jdouggie

    yo that deer was awesome

  • Anonymous

    damn, a lot of people hating on rollernews lately

  • Straight and simple

    Nice relaxed skating with good flow and varitons of tricks what more could you ask for ? Sick of rollernews faggots hating so much !don’t like the video then don’t watch it , a bit like how everyone who post theese messages hating have like 5 views on there edits

  • Anonymous

    Can you blame people for hating on rollernews…….?

    All they need to do is link the comments section to peoples facebook accounts like they do on other sites and don’t let anyone post anonymously and all the kiddies shit would go away.

    Nice edit by the way.

  • Hawke Trackler

    Matt and I both appreciate everyones positive feedback on here. we usually figure there will be alittle bit of hate on every video we post because there are alot of people out there that feel their opinion matters because they post it on rollernews and put stuff like “you ugly nigga indian mongrol” ….wow. nice one man keep it up. you got him good on that one for sure. but just for the record we more than likely dont care what you think if you have negative shit to say about us. I have been around blading for awhile now and have heard and been called everything in the book probably so your going to be have to be one serious prick in order to offend any of us. At that point you should ask yourself what did we really do to you beyond just put out a free skate edit for your viewing pleasure. if you dont like it then dont watch it. No one needs your stupid fucking opinion even tho im sure you feel its right. either way thanks all the supporters out there.. keep on blading

  • Xxx

    Homophobia and racism are apparently acceptable ‘banter’ on here. Why know one mods the comments on this site I’ll never know. It’s pathetic

  • Anonymous

    That edit was dope. Kids got skillz.

  • Pca4

    Mike and Hawks fuck the lame immature haters , good edit !!!sick ofwkt track!!!


    Nice edit Hawke. This kid is getting better for sure.

  • Matt Lyon

    yeah negative comments or not we still get laid.

  • Clynt

    Farv cess 360 makio line was sick as hell. The only criticism I have, and keep in mind that this is coming from someone who is nowhere near as good as you, is consider skating a bit faster at tricks.

  • Kyle

    Fun edit, what the hell was with that dear!

  • joey adams

    i really liked that edit better than the first one. its sick. and dem haters aint bladers

  • Anonymous

    not a single “gettin it on the reg” comment?

  • Anonymous


  • DAboss

    everybody shut up and ejoy the video, who cares what other idiots like me have to say…..thank you!