Mathieux Ledoux: Fester Edit

Mathieux Ledoux: Fester Edit

Fester pro Mathieu Ledoux, first sessions on his pro fester wheel.

Mathieu Ledoux is currently on set for a Tv Show in Canada, working non-stop as a professional stuntman.

Being the true professional that he is, that doesn’t stop him from coming thru with this edit to promote his Fester Pro Ledoux Wheel.

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43 Responses to “Mathieux Ledoux: Fester Edit”

  1. Anonymous Says:


  2. Anonymous Says:

    this guy is a joke !!

  3. yeah boy Says:

    sooo sickkkk!

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  4. flowskate Says:

    did anyone else see the tru neg mistral?! bAMOlambo

  5. Anonymous Says:

    stupidest dresser/best skater

  6. Steph J Says:

    siiiiick!!! J arrive en ville… skatons skatons skatons!!!

  7. Dizzle Says:

    damn his feet move so fast! reminds me of Sagona a little bit.

    can’t wait to see more!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    bring down the hype, please

    this was waaaaayyyy below his own standard

    and even quite boring to watch

  9. Welland Says:

    Where’s that skatepark? Looks amazing.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    god he’s a favorite for sure, i love him. ender was nuts, who else would try that? i don’t think anyone. also, did anyone notice every edit is completely different and he does different tricks and different styles of skating each edit. man he’s the man.

  11. Dave Says:

    I agree with above. He’s so fresh!!!

  12. Bean Says:

    5w4g 5w4g 5w4g 5w4g 5w4g 5w4g 5w4g SWAG whaassssusp\

  13. JT Says:

    why is this dude always where xxl clothing like a dress

  14. Homos Says:

    Ledoux will school everyone here.

    These posts expose just how many children visit here. Only in highschool or younger are you still concerned about what people think or how you dress. Grow the fuck up.

  15. Abel Says:

    i made the mistake of reading comments first and as expecting to see a really bad edit. But what i saw was a really unique edit with great tricks and great style. another good one for ledoux

  16. Mario Mlakar Says:

    Gotta agree that most of the tricks didn’t have the x factor, too plain and overdone with the jumpy 180/360 stuff. But he’s experimenting, that’s something most skaters can’t say for themselves. Looking forward to the next edit.

  17. d beer Says:

    swaggy fast feet boi! too good

  18. andrew Says:

    Why won’t he just wear the vest like the others ?

  19. Anonymous Says:

    The guy is obviously good but the style was an absolute joke.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    yeah, the first 5-6 tricks were performed with such lame style…he’s overexposing it, the first key thing to having a nice looking style is making it look natural, not like something you try so hard to have…

  21. Bbb Says:

    My fav rollerblader the last 2 years with Wellsmore and Kanashima for sure.

  22. Anthony Rowe Says:

    That was real sick! I’m all about everything he is doing on the blades

  23. big dickie donaldson Says:

    holy crap that 180 up to half cab makio was one of the ugliest tricks i have ever seen, nothing about any of those tricks was all that impressive unless you really suck at skating

  24. ohsnap Says:

    Fuck the haters, I love this guys style. One of my fav skaters and one of the best amongst unique styles including Damien Wilson, Dominic Sagona, Franky Morales, Dustin Latimer,… and if you think Im talking about clothing your a dumbass and should just go ahead and kill yourself, we dont care that your momma doesnt love you and that your daddy abuses you.

  25. moldy tent Says:

    Ledoux’s clothing and style is so much different then most dudes, this is why he is so entertaining to watch! I dont know why people didnt like the outspin mak, if he hadnt swagged it out like that it would have been “just another outspin mak.” Executing tricks differently is key.

  26. yooo Says:

    I appreciate Ledoux originality, it’s refreshing and valuable.

    About the dress code… well, it’s been already well debated. And I admit it’s a question of taste and that you can only argue up to a certain point. I hate it but it’s my opinion and it’s ok if someone doesn’t respect this opinion.

    But there’s something more important. Someone said it a few comments before. It looks like Ledoux is TRYING HARD to be stylish. A solid example ? just before the last trick, he rolls to the obstacle having just the back wheel of one of his skate touching the floor. This is, and it’s not just my opinion here but a fact, the perfect illustration of trying desperately to be cool, so desperately that it becomes pathetic and actually ruins the whole thing. Style should be subtle, almost invisible and yet omnipresent. Ledoux is just forcing his style so much it becomes unnatural.

    To express this with a sentence, I would say that a perfect style should express something like “I don’t give a fuck about it”. In Ledoux’s case, it would be more “I don’t give a fuck about it, AND I WANT EVERYONE TO NOTICE”. This calls for attention. I’m pretty confident that I’m right about this because his dress style is indeed the very same thing in my eyes. He wears random and unexpected pieces inducing that he doesn’t care but the real effect is more a desperate call for attention.

    Well, I will finish with this personal message: Matthieu, you are obviously an amazing skater and most of us like you because of this. You don’t need to cry for our attention like a teenager dressing like a hooker. You already have our attention.

  27. Anonymous Says:

    last comment +1

  28. idiots Says:

    maybe if he wore skin tight pants and a vest he would be cool right? that shit is a fad, baggy is coming back people. tapered jeans, i understand, but skin tight shit is out. nobody in skateboarding wears that shit now. girls do. SKINNY jeans are for faggots who work at west49.

    ledoux you are amazing, don’t worry people will start to understand in a couple years when they catch up

  29. Anonymous Says:

    the tricks and his love for blading is sick. the spandex tights with the basket ball shorts on top and the xxxL sweater and headband looks stupid but if hes having fun and putting out quality material like shown here and the last few thats all that really matters.

  30. dah Says:


    same here, but seriously, if you’re gonna try as much new and diffrent shit all the time, sometimes its not gonna work out so hot. This was one of those times (except maybe the ender)

    seriously though, for being one of if not the most premire skaters for a new company, you’d think he’d do more than a few quick park clips. Especially since he wasn’t even in the Fester video.
    I feel pretty confident that Nick and the other masterminds at Fester just threw a pro wheel at Mathieux to get some hype around the company even though he has no real commitment to the company. Seems to me (from my rollernews based opinion) that Ledoux has other shit going on besides rollerblading, but is happy to take a sponsership from a company that is too desperate to demand anything in return.
    not that any of that is good or bad, or even true, just my guess

  31. Smokey macpot Says:

    He dresses like that so he can flow easy. He’s wearing shinguards and bball shorts, not weird for athletics in general, just different than most bladers. I figure he’s juzt not concered with blading style trends and legitimately is using a style that exists outside of some blading pop culture.

  32. dbeer Says:

    Considering Mathieu is part owner of Fester Dah, you’re really wrong. but we still love you.

    buy the wheels, they are great

  33. cornball Says:

    fuck all of you people. fuck rollernews. fuck you.

  34. Adam Says:

    Very refreshing, I think people have said it before, if I remeber correctly, he himself said he was influenced by DL, you can see that, more so in the last trick.

    People are still talking tight vs baggy… someone that has rolled since the mid 90’s I will say this…….it really isnt’t that important……unless you are focussing on getting on the runway for calvin klein, let the rollin, not the clothes say who you are, noone is going to care what you’re wearing really once you have laced a nice trick….for those that do judge that way…..probably do not enjoy looking at thyemselves in the mirror due to their own flaws……in other words ledoux is busy doing his thing, maybe all the rollers should lay away from being associated with the fashion police…..

  35. Anonymous Says:

    I got excited when I saw that there was a new edit of Mathieu, seriously big fan of his skating but this was disapointing.

  36. GPROD Says:

    cool dude, who cares about how he dresses. this edit wasn’t great though

  37. Rob Says:

    Watch it for several times and you’ll see there’s more than first impression opinion.

    Great as always Mathieux! Last trick was crazyness

  38. Anonymous Says:


  39. Matt Says:

    That was so sick.

    Loved it

  40. Richie Rich Says:

    I notice the little things too like lots of left foot tricks like somebody that everyone has a boner for MR.Sean Kelso. I believe he had a white boy gangsta style at one time too. As did Cheshire two both amazing styles regardless of clothing choice. Even Farmer did a throw back edit in sweatpants to make fun of you haters. Just realize there is more than one type of roller. oh yeah true neg mistrial three out was fire no questions asked

  41. Whocaresaboutfesteranyway Says:

    An edit that’s longer then his section in the team video? They should charge us $20 dollars to watch this. Lord knows there gonna need it for that lifetime sponsorship.

  42. Anonymous Says:

    well that sucked !!!! usually I love Matt’s skating

  43. Anonymous Says:

    Matt’s the best. Love the skating, the clothes, the style. Proppa Toppa!