Mathieu Ledoux: Revolution Raw Clips by Jon Jenkins

Mathieu Ledoux: Revolution Raw Clips by Jon Jenkins

Mathieu Ledoux (Montreal, Canada) shot these clips last year in Oakland during the filming of what was going to be the SSM video.

Although things didn’t work out, we still wanted to give you a taste of the energy that Mathieu brings to skating in its raw form.

Filmed & edited by Jon Jenkins.

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39 Responses to “Mathieu Ledoux: Revolution Raw Clips by Jon Jenkins”

  1. DJ WREKSHOP Says:


    That was too damn good, need more. Mathieu was making those SSMs look really good. Sounds so solid when he lands.

  2. SLUGLORD Says:

    That sheit was bad!!
    Thats the sickest style iv seen

  3. Hans H Says:

    Yo mathieu that was really good!
    line at 25 seconds was fabulous!

  4. nutsonya chin Says:

    was he wearung a skirt n a pink sweater? …smh thats y rollerblading is gay

  5. Yo Says:

    nutsonya…go kill yourself please….thank you

  6. Niou Says:

    Keep it up, I’d like to see more, haven’t seen anything similar

  7. deubeul Says:

    more and more amazing!!!

  8. Shifrty Says:

    i really like these raw clips + Ledoux’s style and tricks are insane!!!!

  9. rollerblading is gay Says:

    rollerblading is gay cause rollerbladers hate rollerbladers. when that stops, it wont be so gay.

    this edit is fuckin awesome

  10. Anonymous Says:

    This is the future of rollerblading! The parkour influenced stuff impressed and inspired me. Kids also love this style of rollerblading, I’ve messed around with stuff like this before (not this good) and you get a far better reaction than a technical switchup.

    Grinding on handrails and the other typical street skating blew me away as a kid, and it’s the reason I rollerblade, but these other sports have moved on and adapted to street so much better, we have kind of stagnated.

    If people want to get youth back into rollerbladering, I think this is the sort of thing that more rollerbladers should consider adapting too.

    Respect to you, Mr Ledoux. I’m gonna try all sorts of new stuff today.

  11. Dis Dick Says:

    Apparently I’m alone here… I respect the creativity, but it just wasn’t that enjoyable to watch for me. The pink sweatshirt was dope.

  12. Leon // Shop-Task Says:

    Oh my goooood, dim sum.

  13. Steph J Says:



  14. Anonymous Says:

    i think parkour is pretty lame and to be honest i really didnt like mathieu when i first started seeing his edits. not all of his skating is for me but he is really refreshing to watch, i just love to see how he thinks and skates shit. i have crazy respect for him just because he does his own thing and doesnt give a fuck about it. cant wait to see more, totally won me over.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    so amazing. i want to see more as well

  16. JsameM Says:

    so fucking sick. nobody does it better than him when it comes to adding the parkour element to blading. inspires me to look at spots differently.

  17. Hody Says:

    holy shit he is the best!! such an inspiration

  18. ANDRE Says:

    no nutsonya HES GETTING LOOSE. check the dictionary for the meaning of soul grinds.

  19. 741236987 Says:

    thks for the gift <3

  20. firth Says:

    i adore how it always appears to be just fun to him. no posing, no pretending. just awesome tricks with a big smile on his face haha love it

  21. yooooo Says:

    you can hate the haters but admit it, if he wasnt wearing skirts and leggins, he would be the most amazing skater out there.

    Now I respect him and what he does, but he IS wearing skirts and I can have an opinion about it. Matthieu, you’re creative enough on your blades, why desperately trying to be creative with your clothes ? Its another genre and you obviously don’t master it. Maybe you think you’re cool, maybe you’ll tell me you don’t give a fuck, but dressed like this, whether you like it or not, you are sending a message to us, and this message is “LOOK AT ME, I AM AN EXANTRIC FAGGOT”. You’re entitled to send any message you’d like to, but it’s ruining your skating, fact.

  22. SLUGLORD Says:

    Nah ya aint
    Your skating is dope as fuck

  23. Bojd Says:

    that makio 360 “stomp”out is so nice

  24. pete Says:


    thanks for playing but Hate is no longer accepted here. please dont come back. ever.

  25. D Says:

    Wtf is happening with all that hating? Seriously,u guys are like fashion police or what? its him wearing those clothes,not u.
    Anyway edit was sick,great and creative skating ! Keep it up

  26. christianskater Says:

    One of the only skaters I actually think I would have a hard time thinking up the ideas he has at spots. He is pretty amazing at creativity.

  27. jc Says:

    Awesome! Loved it! Would love to see more clips!

  28. donshishi Says:

    except the shirts size. Mathieu is amazing.

  29. nutsonya chin Says:

    fuck yall,, hes wearing a skirt n a pink sweater .. i dont care if he does a fuckin cartwheel to a grind or whatever kinda gymnastic influenced trick he does, he still looks like a homo,. n im not feelin that shit at all. n if u disagree,, YOUR WRONG AHAH

  30. d beer Says:

    ^ eat a dick nutsonya chin.

    Mathieu is pushing blading so much. if you can’t see that, you’re an idiot. This is next level steeze son.

    keep skating flat rails in a Zellers parking lot dawg. dat shit cray

  31. mason Says:

    that was so sick. he is pretty fuckin tech.. and he is makin them ssm’s look so fresh… fuck yeah.

  32. Anonymous Says:

    hes not actually wearing a skirt is he? looks like an XXXL tshirt hanging out below his hoody. No skater would wear a skirt surely.

  33. Dan Says:

    What is more gay?

    1: wearing what you feel like and not give a fuck

    2: having emotions over what a other men is wearing and taking of your time to write about it

  34. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Refreshingly sick! I love your perspective on what can be done on rollerblades Mathieu!

  35. Pca4 Says:

    Dan your the man ^^^^^^lmao

  36. 3M3M Says:

    fuck gravity!!!!

  37. Wow Says:

    The worlds first baboon on rollerblades.

  38. LaGoutte Says:

    Flying Fish is the new old future.

  39. jim Says:

    Mat is vintage as fuck, styles dog