Mathieu Ledoux: Revolution, On the Spot (ITW)

Mathieu Ledoux is an amazing skater, a good friend, and an inspiration. He chooses to not be in the spotlight, but we really wanted to share some insight into who Mathieu Ledoux is, and what makes Mathieu Ledoux so unique on and off the blades.

Filmed & edited by Jon Jenkins (via).

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  • Bean

    what a cool dude. I was going to say that before the “what do you think ‘cool’ means” question too, which just solidified his coolness.

  • Ulysses Rivera

    Such a sick insight into this man’s view point. Such a down to earth person too. I love it. Great job Mathieu!

  • Anonymous

    dang. i respect this person a lot.

  • Anonymous

    yeah you don’t get any “cooler” than visiting a shaman in peru. not.

  • dyed red deshis

    I think it makes him cool to actually bring something as sick as parkour into our world cause his tricks are more than unique, they’re extremely hard to do.

  • Truth

    Nicest guy ever!

  • yahmon

    how gay he just talked shit!

  • jug head

    Mathieu is the fuckin man from time! I realy hate when bladers get cocky like i give a fuck about your 360 soul… its so tru if you think your cool your the farthest thing from. And to ANONYMOUS you obviously think you know what cool is so hes talking about clowns like you hahah! try leaving your block sometime bru youll be suprised theres a whole fuckin world out there!

  • Anonymous

    worst caliss de rollerblader ever va faire du parkour le cave

  • Maxime Lanthier

    ^^ t’as pas compris le propos de l’entrevue hein?? Il le dit clairement : faut être soi-même!

    vive mathieu ledoux!

  • d beer

    thanks for being awesome

  • chris s

    Nice dude and amazing athlete.

    Going to Peru for that Iowaska tea, eh? Get ready for some throwing up and shitting..ha. I heard it’s pretty intense.

  • traducer

    this guy kicks ass seems like a really down to earth and an open minded dude. this is prob the best “on the spot” interview ive seen. This guy has so much style and thinks differently when it comes to blading. cheers to people who go against the grain.

  • Gilles Deleuze

    nice guy, but stop that shaman stuff – never can be more than “interesting” ,cose it’s too far from your culture man!
    If you wanna learn something bout your consciousness read sartre or Immanuell Kant – take the advice, my beloved skate-idol

  • Andrew Bonter

    Coolest dude I’ve seen in rollerblading. Also he shouldn’t sell himself short saying he’s not special. He is an inspiration to other skaters out there that you can carry on skating AND make something of your life, we don’t have to choose one or another.

    +Rep for this dude.

  • asd


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  • CrazeDawg

    Really cool dude! I’m kinda thinking the same about his vision about what it means to be “cool”
    I like people that are down to earth, like most of my friends I skate with!

  • Jo

    Rollernews comments section sucks… Maudit Français râleurs, anonymes, fendants, jaloux et en plus avec des styles de gay! Dire qu’ils viennent d’une nation de lumière, faut croire qu’il y a eu une baisse de tension dernièrement…

  • reality

    Awesome interview, best most insightful one I’ve ver seen from a rollerblader. very intelligent and down to earth, living in the present and not worried what people think about him. The shit talkers in these comments, I feel sorry for how sad your lives must be.

  • Fun


  • James $lim Jim Stradford

    Possibly the most inovative man in skating! Madd swag! I tried a few of his monkey-plant tricks and thats no cup of Iowaska tea Lol (@Chris) Most of the time it just ended up in faceplants!

  • James $lim Jim Stradford

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. Click my name if you like Hip-Hop music. Download my album free! Listen close enough and you will hear many skatig related lyrics. Mostly in “Touch The Sky”

  • forwards roll

    sick guy, nice hat