Mathieu Ledoux: Pro Carbon Commercial 2.0

Mathieu Ledoux: Pro Carbon Commercial

Filmed & Edited by Jon Jenkins.

Song: Michael David Little – Laser Beam Prayers.
1.0 | More Mathieu Ledoux Media.

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  • Anonymous

    The third one better have more than one trick. These are annoying considering every other pro on the team is capable of putting a real edit out for their skates. Richie Eisler has more clips than the entire USD team combined.

  • Trill Bill

    Thank You.

    I dunno why you trolled me like that. Still not paying that much for those blades, or any other.

    Dude is a dope dude tho’, and is fun to watch.

  • santa

    Better than his 2 ft front side on a knee high last promo….

  • Huh?

    They really are dragging this out. Two one-minute edits with just one trick. Yesh, they both looked good. Yesh, they were both stylish. However, it doesn’t make it any more engaging or encourage people to watch it more than once. Seriously, the stats for these videos must be poor.

  • Anonymous

    i start to take pleasure in this promo concept

  • lil kids make me lol

    Sounds weird put these promos really do make you want to buy skates…

    When I watch Jon Bolino or Joey Chase’s promo I seriously want to buy SSMs even through I know they are shit skates, I think in my head “dang they look so good doing that” makes me come very close to buying them.

    That ABVX promo last year ! MY GAWD !

    Things like this make me go… “oh yah shitty skates and shitty promo” Not buying those for sure.

  • Yobad

    These are for outsiders you bunch of stupid fucks

  • Anonymous

    Very well done.

    Stop bitching “These are for outsiders you bunch of stupid fucks”

    If this commercial was actually on TV all you people would masturbate to it, and that aint no lie.

  • Anonymous

    ledoux is a great skater, but these shirt clips are so boring.


    Nice font.

    Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.

  • Anonymous

    those skates are very well made and thought trough. Theres no 20 year old open mould underneath, there is no massive heel raise, which even amplifies with a heel absorber. Those skates are dopest quality – wheather you like them or not! Those skates are everything – but no “shitty skates”

  • daniel

    It’s an advertisement for a rollerblade, not a video section! Was the last Oxi Clean commercial you watched 4 minutes? No, it was probably less than 30 seconds to be quick and interesting. If you want to compare similar sports to rollerblading, they always have ads like this all the time.

    Unique skates, amazing scenery, and a stylish 360. Perfect

  • steezin

    ^Solid point daniel. The skates sell themselves, pretty much though. If they weren’t so fuckin expensive Ide Kop me a pair right this very second. May have to spend a weekend on a street corner first. 0_o lol

  • LOL’d

    “filmed and edited by Jon Jerkins” Set up 2 tripods and hold 3 rd camera…load footage into puter…slow down 100 times…load onto vimeo…APPLAUSE!!!!

  • Nic Roc

    Fuck the haters. Nice Job X-rated

  • Anonymous

    Best skates ever made. Only the best can afford them.

  • Anonymous

    A little dull but I enjoyed it, and I like people taking a new angle on things. Makes the sport (or whatever you want to call it) feel more alive.

  • Anonymous

    Dustin wonna be

  • crumble

    jenkins is the man

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck does not want to be like Dustin?

  • 8765

    ugly skates. Uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

  • guy

    USD is dope. Mat Ledoux is dope. Commercial is OK. trying to do the math but i can’t figure out the variable

  • Anonymous

    Geeeeeeeeeeeeees will someone kill the slo mo button. Dude no ones style needs that much slo mo

  • kboos

    who the fuck does not want to be like Dustin? +1 , so true

  • Anonymous

    I could’ve did that trick on a pair of rollerskates

  • Anonymous

    well that was fucking gay

  • thehearor

    who the fuck does not want to be like Dustin? +1
    I’m kinda miss the times when Dustin was ripping the streets

  • Angelsoltx

    Dope commercial dope skates
    I think he was influenced by DL. but he has takin his parkour/ stuntman skills and made something fresh

    His skating inspires me

  • Anonymous

    I could’ve 7d that gap both ways and I’m not even flow and this dude gets a pro boot for a 3??? smh

  • that guy bellow

    always had been down for him, but you rollerskatebrands trying to let this sport look like a industry: this is way too ridiculous!

  • that guy bellow

    why do i get banned so offen?? i will i get bannend for this again?? can i mention again, that somebody made a comment in the name of nick lomax talking about some oral treatment with a certain female name contained… and i get banned?

  • be-mag

    I like watching western movies!

  • Adrian Scoseria

    so bad ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I dont find this to be a very well made promotion. I feel like these companies have regular guys for their advertising staff.

  • Anonymous

    whats up with Canadians and being so weird?

  • Anonymous

    2nd is by far the best simply cause that grab was too fucking awesome not to watch in slow mo

    although like most people here i think, i d prefer a decent one or two minute edit
    with skills like that they must be clipping shit loads of tricks every day..
    just get to a plain grindbox and give us a couple of minutes of pure skill