Mathieu Ledoux & Friends: Blade Ninja Gangster Park Edit

mathieu ledoux

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  • haaaaaggggddd

    my nipples are so perky from this edit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Al@n

    Nice Rolling + Musique

  • Simon Mulvaney

    Sick! Enjoyed every minute of that! Skating IS fun!

  • imran

    sick! fuckin funny too! made my day! what are them white skates? n nice shin guards.

  • Zack D

    What skates is mathieu skating ? Cool edit.

  • Anonymous

    They look like some new shimas :P hh but I don’t know why one black and one white soul plate :P


    I believe that was the fuck razors edit.

  • DarthRoller

    An increasinly Sagona-esque movement element coming into Ledoux’s already very fluid rolling.

    Great to see.

  • Anonymous

    that was awesome!!! Such a fun edit!

    As said above very sagona esque with ledouxs just incredible style and technique.

  • Domi

    I think those are white shaman’s, without the skin with extra cuts of side of his feet where pressure points occur.
    nice edit, but we’ve seen better from ledoux.
    btw, that girl was hot!

  • 1996

    its white valo
    clown skating

  • Mathieu Ledoux

    hey Domi ,

    you are right ! that girl is freaking HOT !……….And she is my wife lol

  • Karl af Sweden

    Nice Nice.! Mathieu: What is it for skates?

  • Ulysses Rivera

    Fucking AWESOME edit Mathieu!

  • Petter from Norway!
  • Ron G

    Grosse saveur vestimentaire !!!!!

  • daveonflow

    So dope, wanna see more edit from you Mathieu

  • Anonymous

    i love this nig. think its the first time he hasn’t done parkour

  • felix

    aha ha ha ha…funny stuff!

  • Marco Hernandez

    Mathieu is awesome, it`s too bad he doesn`t push his rollerblading as hard like he stated in his previous videos, I really think he has the ability to bring this sport to a new level, perhaps more than anyone. And as much as videos like this are extremely fun and entertaining, and demonstrates his amazing style, I can`t help wonder how fast this dog can really run. Skating is on the edge of a revolution and I think we need people like Mathieu to lead the way.

  • devin

    kinda clownish, kinda jocking sagona, still looking foward to his fester shit!

  • H

    Great stuff.
    Grew up in that town – still go back to visit parents sometimes. Do you guys roll in Brantford often?

  • ranierP.

    that dude looks like hes pretty good but, what is he wearing? lol

  • dyed red deshis

    Dude you’re so lucky your wife isn’t afraid to fall since she’s a stunt woman. I’ve been trying to get my wife to just try on a pair of skates and yours is doing soul 180 out. Looks like too much fun. Nice very chill sess. I think you were trying to showcase your girl more than you which is very cool. also why don’t you enter that new trick comp.


    Dude doesn’t do comps. There is something to be said about that, but I wish he would do one a year or something.

  • Mitch

    Marco Hernandez he’s a professional stuntman, I think it pays a bit better than being a pro blader. When your our age, your career comes first. Hopefully he just inspires enough to start off the next generation.

  • Anonymous


    why do sentences have to be a certain length to make a post


    There is one thing holding rollerblading down, and that is FuelTV. Say what you want to say, it would fucking blow up again if those cocksmokers would put it on. The sad part is that the rollerblading industry is in at FuelTV and doesn’t have the spine to push rollerblading in. Just keep bending over for skateboarding, surfing and whatever other shit they want to put on that channel. Instead of making the money that goes with his skills, we never get to see Mathieux’s full potential because he has to worry about making a living through another career. The shit makes me sick.

  • yahmon

    ugly bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James Slim Jim Stradford

    Franky Morales used to be my favorite skater… That is until the first time I saw an edit from Leddux!!! Jesus christ personally deliverd this dude steeze on a diamond encrusted platinum platter!!! BTW, my fiance skates too! Chicks on blades get a 5 Boners up rating!!! Keep rollin hard big homie! (Click on my name and download my album for free!!!)