Mathieu Ledoux: Blading + Parkour Interview

Mathieu Ledoux

Mathieu Ledoux came to London for Mike Christie’s Concrete Circus project.

Here is his Interview for the Parcours “Residencia em Movimento” project. Link

Bonus: 90s with Mathieu Ledoux by Jon Jenkins (Revolution)

Mathieu Ledoux is unreal. We have never seen a more naturally gifted individual. Mathieu’s body control allows him to skate in a way that rollerblading has never seen before.

We wanted to portray Mathieu’s skating the best way possible with a Revolution 90 Seconds Edit. His positivity is contagious, you can’t help but want to better yourself after being around him.

Mathieu is humble, he expects nothing from rollerblading. He only wishes to inspire others to go their own direction with their skating after watching his.

Mathieu Ledoux: 90 Second Interview & Profile.

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  • Pts

    Very nice! Great interview!

  • Leon Humphries.

    Makes a lot of sense. Visionary.

  • 4114N

    yeah man, great intreview!
    Lagoa, mando ve ;)

  • KPA

    He got the point! One of the kind for sure…

  • http://deleted Anonymous

    the first guy ive really respected on here

  • simon b

    he speaks the truth !

  • J

    Best shit to come out of rollernews yet.

  • Yobad


  • badazz

    quality! and it’s to be expected with DL as a role model.

    reminds me of the mindgame ad with a blank page and just “rolling” written in the middle of it. (or something like that)

  • .

    excellent to see someone like this reppin’ for rollerblading. The industry is polluted with and has become almost defined by wannabe gangster or ultra hipster personalities. Nice to see an honest portrait of an individual without ghetto speak or gang signs for once

  • nino

    nice, same thinking

  • gayswagger

    “excellent to see someone like this reppin’ for rollerblading. The industry is polluted with and has become almost defined by wannabe gangster or ultra hipster personalities. Nice to see an honest portrait of an individual without ghetto speak or gang signs for once”

    co-sign!! his out of the box mindset is just what this so called industry of ourse needs..

  • Rodrigo Lagoa

    VERY NICE VIDEO! i was looking for a interview and a great friend of mine just did! AWESOME! this is what rollerblading needs. REAL HEROES!

  • jug head

    WHERE NOT WORTHY HAHAHHA ! SERIOUSLY I agree with swagger let see less trend following and more originality its so easy just be yourself. Remember It’s ok to like something and be inspired/influenced by it without immatating it! Im sure that even the REAL hipster cats dont like everone jumping on the hiptser trend cus it makes them look waterddown and unoriginal!

  • jug head

    I think its really cool that any time Mathieu does an iterveiw words like VISIONARY INDUVIDUAL TRUTH AND HERO come up respect the master!

  • jug head

    I have a statue of Jesus in my house and it looks scarily similar to Mathieu right now am I tripin or is it a sign? hahaha! SERIOUSLY

  • Notorious Tom

    I’m telling you right now (in my opinion), this will be the only way you’ll ever see Rollerblading in the limelight again.

    The next step, I believe. Rollerblading of the 90s and 00s stayed the same for too long, we need to adapt to keep up.

    Mathieu and Leon Basin are my heroes at the moment.

  • Gabriel

    Félicitations Mathieu! tu inspires le monde positivement! On se voit cet été au skate park

  • M T

    Nice! Someone who is just himself, not pretending or anything. With ppl like him we don’t need to be concerned that all goes down the shitter. Change is a constant, people are people. There will always be enough ppl to buy skates anyway.
    Enjoy rolling the way you like it! Damn I remember the hate that got dropped on those Sol-crew guys for doing their own thing – not my thing either, but I respect them. Basic message: Do what you love and love what you do – and suddenly we are all happy bladers ;-)

  • Michael

    This guy is awesome. Mad skills, nice personality, calm and smart. Much better role model than all those “gangsta” riders who can’t pluralize words properly (J Bah I’m looking at you!), and guys who dress like hipsters and pretend to be a stars. Seriously, show this video to you mom. She’ll for sure say Mathieu is someone trustworthy. Rollerblading needs more people like him.

    Also, direction he is going with skating, is something that can cause new boom for blading worldwide. You can’t do these things on skateboard, you can’t on bmx, even on foot you’ll won’t be able to do slides, grinds and huge airs. It’s something totally fresh, different from usual spin grind spin routine, different and more amazing than other extreme sports. Even what Greg Mirzoyan does with freeskates isn’t on par with it, and this guy is legend of freeskating – title he deserves (watch Ride on Babylone video). I watched all Mushroom Blading films, and esp. volume one left the feeling “wow these guys are different in amazing way” but after seeing Mathieu videos it feels like they are doing only “lite” version of what rollerblading can evolve in to. What Mathieu does now is ahead of our times, it’s like martial arts with skates on. Skate-fu?

  • http://rolling-a-mindgameinfocus skate2create

    thats whats up! ;) , this is the next step in rollerblading.. although like it was said… its a combo or the 2 which creates a new level of skating… not limited to anything… let us start doing this and please some one produce a online edit and later a skate video with whats possible.. and yes have this guy do a section…!!!

  • blahblah

    so weird the way he isn’t being pushed that hard by any sponsors. guaranteed if he was put on a decent team and sent on tours the face of rollerblading would start to change, and it needs to if its ever going to become respected and actually be accepted as a sport. someone should do a feature on him, a good 20-30 minute section. matthieu, do it for the kids! there needs to be a revolution and he should lead the way.

  • kmcgloughlin

    so much truth in what he says,very unique style of rolling and living,
    rolling is an art form and one of which many a critic would be unable to label anyways,

    it is what it is
    much respect !

  • J.Hansson

    Inspiring, much respect Mathieu!

  • mano


    comment was a bit too short

  • toco

    Very nice, brazilian skaters are heros.

  • nino

    -rolling since 1989
    Great ! almost same story video i was made on my language,
    not on english so same ideas …
    1999 i suggest its good to mix Parkour…

    (Beside i was 10 years into jeet kune do and other action sports)
    Also i suggest more freedom, to no need to label anyone rolling is its about freedom… human mind want to etticete and destroy all great things what cant be described by words…

    also i was inspire by many movies eawen trashin then,
    claming the cube, rollerboys… etc

    But i start sport here in little Serbija In midle of war!
    Without no simple stuff for living no chance to exit from my contru!
    in my best years of rolling..
    I was create and draw may models back in 1991.. what exsist now…

    People laughing at me when i was rolling in line skates 1989 in serbija,
    i was jumping and douing hand plants in midle of tree…
    (cant describe what serbija was and how strange you look then)

    I was make my own skates of old skii boot, and i was skating ouers with a lot blod of my iner boot… etc ..
    ( sry i was type fast)

    Bravo Mathieu


    One of the most progressive skaters to ever do it. and he is humble as can be, yet beast mode for sure, at will….. LOVE this dudes stunts

  • Dawn

    much respect. I LOVE this dude’s skating but I love his personality even more!! I think you have to be humble in this sport in order to be different or outside the box. nice one

  • pee

    sooooooo siiiicckkk

  • dyed red deshis

    and again and again i’ll say we need parkour in our stuff and still at a higher level than what he can bring like he said. I can just picture it. Kid comes up next to a wall with a down rail and pulls off a single hand back flip to top soul the hand rail without touching the floor.

  • Anonymous

    he’s Canadian, french Canadian, from Quebec Canada

    and he’s good, and he’s in 300

  • gazmos

    Good guy, good interview, good 90s edit. I hope to see more of this guy.

  • Franco

    pure inspiration <3

  • soul skater braah

    everyone here knows whats up. this guy is the shit, he does purely his own thing and does it sooo fucking well. everyone seems to think rollernews is mindless hating bots but people know whats real when they see it, and maybe there is some truth to the hate. we want to see rollerblading progressing and its just not happening when kids are doing the same old shit with new pants. thank you mathieu for your awesomeness

  • Anonymous

    so much respect

  • soul skeeter braah

    Yeah I respect him, but lets not go crazy. Lets not rip on other bladers, for example, Haffey is much better, he doesn’t need to slap his hands over everything, Aragon, Broskow, Farmer, see the grinds they do, the real street, tell me they aren’t original. In fact most pros are pros for a reason, because they are originators and just because they don’t do parkour on blades, doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing. Go back watch their sections. Suddenly in context you realize, oh yeah, they are doing stuff I have never seen before!

    LeDoux is great at what he does. So are the others. Calm yourselves down, stop letting the media and other vibes influence you so much. Getting way too caught in the moment is like getting caught in the shower with your best friend, by your father. Soapy shafts, red faces all round.

  • Andrew Bonter

    I wish he wasn’t so busy being successful that he could put a section together for a DVD or show up at BCSD or something like that. Would be amazing.

  • felix

    so good, wise words too. everybody should learn something of his open minded approach to skating ähh living in general.

  • antonio

    really amazing, I tried/try flatrocker sometimes and must say ideas like this come to your mind, I sometimes too think rollerblading evolved in the wrong direction by puttin grindwheels on and freestyle frames generally…just imagine rolling had evolved in spins, gaps = stunts, which is what we love but still just imagine it

    @ nino – kad si ti poceo rolling ja sam rodjen u sri bosne, i mogu zamislit kako su te gledali u beogradu ahaha

  • Leon | Shop-Task

    YEAAAAA BOY! good job homie, it turned out very good.