Mathieu Ledoux: Arizona Sessions

Mathieu Ledoux: Arizona Sessions

Powerblading goes along with pureblading. The first day on my powerblade set-up felt like home right away.

I truly feel like every blader out there should have a powerblade set-up in order to enjoy skating at is fullest. I felt a new kind of freedom with them.

I relearned to enjoy skating itself. Just the feeling of rolling around became fun again.

I had only 5 days with them for this Edit but I know that there are so many things that can be done with these bad boys on. Welcome to this place where the word “Rolling” finds its meaning.

PeaceMathieu Ledoux.

Song: Bassnectar – Timestretch. Thanks Thomas H.

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79 Responses to “Mathieu Ledoux: Arizona Sessions”

  1. Rooms Says:

    Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick !

  2. Anonymous Says:

    That was fucking awesome. If I tried that hand plant gap over those stairs, I’d be shaking a turd out of my big wheelies. loving the freeskating idea.

  3. Themanwhoisalwaysright. Says:

    woooow, last trick was SICK!!

  4. JohnD Says:

    I love him and his skating, but WHY the shorts! Nobody ever looks good skating in shorts.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Last trick – brass balls. Mah gawwwd!

  6. Dom Seven Says:

    Yes the last Trick!!!

  7. Stephen Says:

    So good, wish the grinds werent in there cos hes not even got the same frames while skating the hand rail.

  8. Greg (French MOFO) Says:

    “Powerblading goes along with pureblading. The first day on my powerblade set-up felt like home right away.

    I truly feel like every blader out there should have a powerblade set-up in order to enjoy skating at is fullest. I felt a new kind of freedom with them.”

    FUCK THAT SHIIIIIIIIT! You are definitely a pure , no doubt, you skate as hell but don’t even say commercial stuff like this.

    You could do all your tricks in this video without Powerblading, you’re skating is enough to sell shit.

    Sponsor put pressure but you got the skating.

    Please USD, call Joe Navran to make you that block buster.

    Le bisou,

  9. Wow Says:

    fast plant backflip cesslide thing, best trick hes ever done

  10. Annon Says:

    0:50 to 1:00 he skates antirocker!!

  11. chris Says:

    Great section man, always inspire us! Epic spots too, I remember DL used to hit some of those 10 years ago!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Freestyle frame suits him a lot!

  13. Anonymous Says:

    This guys sure hops sponsors real quick

  14. henk bres Says:


    Yoas a bit too short. Pleaur comment wse go ba againck and try.

  15. Herbert Says:

    legendary, the trick at 1:50 min was unbelievable

  16. Anonymous Says:

    Now whos gay, all of you fuckin haters ?! :D

  17. Danny//Beer Says:

    Good to see some positive comments on rollernews.

    Mathieu is truly innovate, mad respect


  18. germanyboy Says:

    god damn! That was fresh!!

  19. pellonase Says:

    sick!!!the soul to monkey plant whatever it is was like WHOA! but i won’t skate fitness frame as well as i won’t skate SSM.
    powerblading ta gueule powerblading.
    respect mathieu ledoux

  20. Rolland Says:

    BAh… I call this : overexposure. The last trick is the only trick worth seeing!

  21. Steph J Says:

    niiiiice Mat!!!!

  22. Trill Bill Says:

    Holy Cow! And have to kinda agree he can do those tricks on one shoe lace a bearing, a frame bolt and a few spacers… This dude is that Macguyver of a roller.

  23. Gabriel Says:

    malade mathieu jai vraiment trippé

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Powerblading?? But every trick in this edit could be done equally well with a flat setup on aggressive frames! That said, the skating was SICK as always from MD and I look forward to This guy really making use of these frames.

  25. harry k Says:

    tht shit blew my mind

  26. Anonymous Says:

    i like this guy his skating is awesome!!!!!!! he should be pro

  27. Rockstar Says:

    You have witness the future of Freestyle Rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Doug Cupo Says:

    I don’t really care, just curious….Mathieu aren’t you a Second Blood on the SSM Team? Why aren’t you rocking SSM’s with powerblade frames?

  29. song?? Says:

    Whats the song title?

  30. Jonas Hansson Says:

    This ain’t no joke, powerblading or what ever “lame’ish” name you want to put on it;)
    The skating and utilization of big wheels like in this video, is going to stay

    Awesome mathieu!

  31. suck it Says:

    pretty sick :) looks like fun but an expensive alternative to just riding flat…

  32. Imblader Says:

    Stop hate pants, shorts, style, music, PB . We are rollerbladers. Everybody who can do betther stuff. try it, film it and then mybe whe gona say “Woow” this is so sick. But for now, shut up and, be skater and support rollerblading.

  33. gayswagger Says:

    awesome..just awesome!! that handplant-rooftapthing-cess was def his best trick. soul to handflip + last trick was good!

    he makes some good edits but i doubt he can make good profile..
    same shit wit damien wilson > good edits but fester+GC profile = horrible shit

  34. SATAN Says:

    join the circus

  35. Dick Wood Says:

    Dude murders whatever he touches!

  36. pete Says:

    Gotta agree with “Greg (French MOFO)”.

    Mathieu is one of the best out there, BUT this smells like a advertisement for powerblading.
    Thanks USD but i’ll stick to my anti-rockers because they work better

  37. timmy Says:

    sk8d 2 slow 4 reel

  38. dyed red deshis Says:

    So happy he’s off of SSM. He deserves way better than them oh and apparently he learned the truth about Shitma. Ha. Awesome edit. would love to see like a torque on those frames.

  39. Anonymous Says:

    that invert cess slide shit is gangsta

    i hate the fact that usd is trying to monopolize herp derp large frames

    i hope every frame co. follows suit with their big frames

    and they can all call it something different

    strength blading

    energy rolling

    ferocious inlining

  40. Anonymous Says:

    its just extreme rec skating that is all. re-invent urself bitches

  41. Scott Wilcoxson Says:

    Last trick needs to be aired world wide, shit was epic. Invert handplant cess could be included. Absolutely outstanding and timestretch to top it off! Well done Mathieu!

  42. The soft Says:

    tights are cool, i guess. But not when every camera shot starts with. ” yo yo! check out my tights! “

  43. Anonymous Says:

    another example of non-U.S. skaters making U.S. skaters look like the washed up turds they are. USD = Best skate team on the planet

  44. USD FTW Says:

    Jon Julio is developing a Valo app, while USD is changing the way people skate.

  45. GregS Says:

    Love the freeskate idea (ie powerblading) but damnit Oli, you are pushing this slightly wrong. Quite a few tricks in there can be done on regular aggressive skates. I appreciate the fact that many people dont have the skill as Mathieu but I would love to see an edit where a skater is really showing off all the things you CAN NOT do on a regular 56mm flat setup!

    I want to see speed. I want to see height. I want to see people rolling over or on shit I can not fathom with regular frames. I want to believe.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Jon Julio is casting a fishing line into the ocean, while USD poisoning our small pond

  47. Derek Says:

    So much hate on here, just enjoy rolling for what it is

  48. eat da poo poo Says:

    totally outstanding

  49. Anonymous Says:

    too sick.. reminds me of sagona a lil

  50. Anonymous Says:

    @USD FTW Jon Julio already changed the way people skate 15 years ago by developping most grinds, so I think he can develop any app he wants now ;)

  51. Cal Ross Says:

    @gregS – do the conference not provide enough powerblading edits for you to believe yet…….?

    if you missed it here are a few links to other blading edits.

  52. DJ WREKSHOP Says:

    Mathieu is amazing! Love the creativity. One of the best edits I have ever seen from him.

  53. Joey Says:

    You are the most innovative skater in 20 years I’ve ever seen. You are incredible. Keep skating, the world needs to see more.

  54. Gazmos Says:

    I think there were a few tricks do on here that would be difficult if not impossible on regular frames. That long ass wall ride to gap he did in the ditch and the back flip ceiling tap cess slide were made possible by the power blades. And that’s just 5 days of skating a new setup, I think ML will have tons of new tricks made possible by powerblades in the not to distant future.

  55. Rob Says:

    ^ This.. Some tricks could only been done with Powerblade setup! First tricks too, by the way.. I can bet exit speed from those banks would be 2x slower and height of your 180 would be 3x lower than Ledoux’es 540. And if you wanted to see ONLY tricks that can be done on Powerblades, then don’t expect it from 5 days filming edit.

    Most of you don’t care, don’t use brain to think.. I would really want to punch you between your eyes for such hate on one of the best rollerbladers to watch out there. Commercial for Powerblades??? Haha.. your skates which you ride are one BIG commercial. And every PRO or FLOW edit, dvd is commercial for someone. You must be sooooo uneducated, roller-hater or just bunch of teenagers to think it that way.

    Now buy a pair of freeskates, or Powerblades and those words from Mathieu Ledoux will shatter in your ear like world of truth.

  56. b-dog Says:

    the most refreshing skater out there at the moment

  57. commenda Says:

    does he not skate for shima manufracture…?

    so well, usd…
    fuck off, he’s simply brilliant!

  58. T B Says:

    good stuff! too bad there was no section of him in the FESTER video…

  59. uribe Says:

    If Mathieu was a skateboarder, he would be a top pro already. They could make a whole film of him only and i would buy it. More support for him!!! Best skating in years

  60. IM NOT HATER Says:

    Haha I won’t buy powerblading set anyway! Edit is nice but Powerblading is Kizer’s biggest mistake ;]

  61. Anonymous Says:

    Can’t wait for his section. He’s an unbelievable talent. Fitness level is through the goddamn roof.

  62. k?8OUGp^k)g=lgd Says:

    wondering if those frames are solid. i want to see results with tests.

    Are those frames ok on xsjado?

    mathieu ledoux is amazing.

    I want to be a ninja too !

  63. E. Subira Says:

    I know it since I saw an edit of him for the first time, LEDOUX for president!
    FRESH AIR! Evolution! open minded!

  64. Anonymous Says:

    sorry his old skatin was much more inpressiv to me! i mean the stuff we saw some years ago! that now looks 4 me like rollerdancin !
    his skatin is very cool but it brings me to tears when i watch an old edit of him ! 4 example

  65. PROPAGANDA Says:


  66. RoryRewinds Says:

    i dont get it . their like normal skates but you can do less. im not buying when you do all this and more in a pair of anarchys. not disrespect to mathiou hes the boss when it comes down to skating style but its pointless

  67. Anonymous Says:

    ^^^do you have a problem? relax

  68. Anonymous Says:

    What can’t be put across in the edit is the comfort riding on that powerblade/rec setup gives. I can ride down stairs on anti-rocker, but it sure as hell isn’t gonna feel as nice as a full set of oversized, soft wheels.

    Someone also mentioned the speed/pop difference they no doubt bring. The pleasure derived from effortlessly getting up to speed (opposed to flat-rocker, harder setups) is another thing. I think we’ll see a lot more people doing big gaps.

  69. Yokozuna Says:

  70. SoK Says:

    I dont really ‘get’ ‘powerblading. I can understand how fun it would be if you lived in Barcalona/LA or something, but when you live in dismall England its not possible.

    I would totally smash powerblading if i lived in BCN though.

    SICK edit!

  71. Anonymous Says:

    Well, i definitely like buy some pair of powerblading frames, but, not for stunts. I agree with other comments, most of this tricks can be done with regular flat setups. I think that powerblades are better for “cruise”, or make some cardio trainnings. I like to just put my carbons and skate around for cardio trainings, and the powerblading are perfect to do that.
    Mathieu you are a ninja, dude! I love your edits, have an impressive and original style!

  72. MagicalTramp Says:

    Latimer would approve

  73. Rol Says:

    Looks like we’re back in ’96 … Berk .I hate it

  74. RasmusM Says:

    Amazing ! So fresh you can here the popping sound.

    Brings back memories to see those spots as well

  75. fact Says:

    am i the only one who can see this is absolute shit?

  76. Edd Says:

    oh what shaolin monks do when they strap on skates!

  77. Dude. Says:

    I don’t know why rollerbladers feel the need to categorize everything. You have stunt bladers, power bladers, mushroom bladers. It’s all the bloody same, we really don’t need all these terms. It stifles creativity and creates divisions that don’t need to exist.

  78. suck it Says:

    do a royale on them down a kink.

    show me their ‘power’ on a fast slide.

    ‘power’ bomb the ground teeth first.

    this is the future.

    this is the mustard.

  79. ian wilson Says:

    doid, that was fackin sick. this doid is bonkers