Flashback: Mathieu Heinemann – Best-of (2012)

Mathieu Heinemann

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  • YES!

    Mathieu Heinemann for XSJADO PRO!

  • MacI

    That’s Rollerblading!

  • Greg (French MOFO)

    OHHH YEAAHHHH! Pure skating!

  • Anonymous

    Ressent-il la douleur ?
    C’est hallucinant les tricks qu’il rentre sur ces spots de fous !!!

  • Themanwhoisalwaysright.


  • zakbuys

    Man that guy is a beast, literally loved every second of that…

  • Le Suisse

    Que du pure style, t’es vraiment une bête Heinemann…

  • http://www.rolldc.com Doug Cupo

    seriously intense…I remeber watching this guy growing up and he was always doing crazy shit. METAL

  • lamech

    Trop de pureté dans son skating !!!! Un vrai artiste urbain sur roulettes et un niveau hallucinant …. TOTAL RESPECT

  • Anonymous

    Where is my Heinemann pro model, this guy pushes the sport, this guys skating is what everyone should fuckin marvel after

  • No Doubt one of the BEST

    Xsjado Pro. Conference, take Mathieu on tour with Richie Eisler.

    His Traitement section is epic. Pure love. Buy it.


  • Anonymous

    fffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk fuck

  • Feaeghal

    Amazing skating. He doesn’t use a huge trick vocab, but i don’t suppose this matters very much because he drops hard core hammers. every time. it would be nice to see a wider variety of tricks though….he clearly can!

  • bitch please


  • Anonymous

    Mat will never be xjsado, neither any other brand. He skates for the love of rolling, no more, no less. And it’s better this way!

    but this doesn’t mean everyone shouldn’t take example of him!

    Mat is a rolling hero.

  • vitriol

    OH… MY… GOD…

  • Anonymous

    Wow this nigga really doesnt know how to land at all! Some of the craziest and most annoying clips are in this edit. Some serious hammers and some attempts at roll ups, then not showing the landings or even the full clips? Some of the clips are crazy long balance grinds that are huge, while others he looks like hes bambi on ice and cant rollerblade and skate around properly like he just tried skating for the first time. Why cant he land simply after coming off a few of these objects? Very weird and interesting edit here.

  • Jesus

    Pro in my eyes

    This part is a bit too pointless. Please go back and try again.

  • thanks for not tapping


  • MM

    Mathieu Heinemann is pro since long time ;)
    Win IMYTA 2001

  • Nick G.

    what is it about the french and not landing things…. im joking….

    mathieu is the best, had a zoot with him once at imyta amsterdam waaayyy back such a hero

    his skating reminds me of dustin latimers nowever days, solid ledge tricks and lots of hammers with that weird style baggy xjsado skaters have. i miss him on remz, plus they need a fucking team right now. come on kato

    also about the pro skate vs low trick vocab….2 words….HARDCORE BRAZIL

    Carlos had about 3 pro skates from USD and he isnt even a polished turd

  • noel

    wooooow that was sooo sick quality next level blading

  • Guillaume Latrompette

    !! légende vivante !!

  • Fag Smasher

    Yeah it’s shit in this video that fuckin scares me. I don’t get the level you gotta be at to accomplish some of this stuff.

  • Anonymous

    i remember his life+ profile.rad. he always works himself so bad trying gnarly shit….he’s a bit crazy like carlos hahaha

  • Anonymous

    to everyone bitching about tricks vocab, i guess anybody would have a large vocab on some of those spot … plus, he ride flat , and he can killed casual spot with tech tricks like any others , but he prefer pushing himself, what is missing nowadays …

  • Jesus

    Also this is a compilation of sick clips he has done it’s not like he specifically chose these tricks to put this edit together – someone else did. So hush about the trick vocab.

  • LAPD


  • arsene

    un idole, un artiste, un mec en or, mathieu represente de loin l’idée du vrai skating. hang on, et a bientot !

  • Anonymous

    i would rather watch mathieu everyday , than that piece of shit purple swag… razors GTFO !!

  • Anonymous

    that’s dude is a legend , i wish those footage could be better quality , this is pure history of rollerblading right here !

  • http://www.taktika.lv Rob

    Living legend in European scene! But whoever put this edit together music choice totally ruined it..

  • Goldfish is Brian Shima

    Goldfish is Brian Shima and Mathieu Heinemann !

  • DarthRoller

    A career of ridiculously big hammers.

  • willsllX

    tout simplement GRANDIOSE tous ses souvenirs!!!!!!!!!!!merci.

  • cyril

    Un niveau de dingue… Sur des spots très dur à skater!! un grand respect. Par contre pour ce qui est du montage, c’est une grosse déception et ne met pas du tout le rider en valeur. Les NB sont trop exagérés et la musique est à la fois soporifique et atroce… Pour ma part, je trouve que cela enlève de la magie à l’édit.

  • germain

    rien a redire , une street légende française

  • RM

    Epic talent !

    Nothing but respect

  • o.O

    he´s a legend ! =.D

  • tim

    now THIS is how rollerblading is pushed to the state of ART.

    there was Arlo, there was Dustin, and to my eyes, there is alos Mat Hei.

  • Anonymous

    kids this is what happens when you skate fast

    learn to skate fast

  • og

    i hate to say this but even thought there was some serios shit laid down here, i still prefere to watch a more stylish controlled skater any day

  • Nikkko

    Fastest skater I’ve ever witnessed, plus the guy’s really friendly and down to earth !
    Hail to the King.

  • charles

    French skater ! A nice man who inspired my skating a lot !

  • Urbn^nja

    This guy is Rollerblading… one of those rare specimens…