Mathieu Allart & Alex Sanchez: RVB Street Edit

Filmed & edited by Tony Martins.

Mathieu Allart & Alex Sanchez: RVB Street Edit

Song: The Smashing Pumpkins – Zero.
Previously: RVB Ghetto Park (France), Making-of and Session.

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  • Stefan P

    go big or go home!

    respect for the team

  • Anonymous

    epic skating, no homo!

  • alpha

    nice style, hammers !!

    really enjoyed wathichng this!

  • Cosmo

    merde sanchez quel style de portos!

  • Anonymous

    Aiiight sa envoie :)

  • Anonymous

    Really good, keep it up!

  • deubeul

    la vache, c’est brutal! raw as fuck!

  • Al@n

    Straight From Euro! Awesome Blading! No Homo!!! No Same Marriage!!! No Same Sex!!!

  • Anonymous

    moi j’aime pas les babos et les gens moches

  • fair play

    Moi je les aime bien … puisqu ils regardent et commentent en negatif .
    Ca les fait vivre un peu