Mathias Silhan wins Ulm City Blader Jam 2016

Mathias Silhan wins Ulm City Blader Jam 2016

Ulm City Blader Jam thrown by the homies Gino and Hank from Ulm Germany. I wasn’t planning on filming but i always bring my camera regardless. Gino asked if i brought my cam and said yes and i went on from there. Hope to see more of you guys in the future. I slowed it down to about 75 percent because fuck it! Why not !?Tyriek Gibson.

Best trick starts at 3:30. Music: Nina Simone – Sinnerman.

Pro Results

  1. Matthias Silhan
  2. Jan Fehlmann
  3. Jon Matter + Lucas Landthaler
  4. Julien Lemoine
  5. Sacha Miguel Lopez

Am Results

  1. Nils Rinas
  2. Stephan Mohr
  3. Denis Wolf
  4. Maximilian Hide
  5. Manuel Weber
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