Masters of Delusion (2003): Full Video

Frenchy Fries posted the full video of Masters of Delusion. Enjoy!

The one and only Fiziks Team Video. Produced by Misled Media & Fiziks. Directed by Tom Hyser & edited by Doug Urquhart. Motion graphics by Frankie Loscavio and Jeremy Stephenson.

Masters of Delusion

Featuring Colin Kelso, Billy O’Neill, Dominic Sagona, John Starr, Robert Guerrero, Julian Bah, Scott & Kevin Raser, Eric Schrijn, Dre Powell, Will Gordon and Walt Austin.

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  • Basza

    my head just exploded. The vid kills!

  • Dan G

    one of the best vid ever!!!!!!!!

  • ronin

    2012 and I’m still seeing robots every day …

    Fiziks frame were great ! Nice idea well executed. Too bad they went out of business. Furthermore it was a flat frame !

  • sky

    This is true freestyle and stylish skating!
    And what we can see now? Ugly pants, music!

  • nigel

    why doesnt anyone cess slide like that anymore? never stopped being cool to me

  • Sick Film

    What the heck happened to Walt Austin and Will Gordon?

  • Omar Wysong

    that was a dose of real.

  • Joe

    Embarrassing how people hate on Colin Kelso, even if you don’t like he’s style you should know how much impact he had on rollerblading, and still has. Colin was way ahead of his time. And the level of skating he show in his profile proves it.

    Even if you don’t like he’s style now, have some respect for the things he has done with blades on he’s feet, now or in the past.

  • Joe

    Also, really fun to see Scott Raser’s section again, so sick! And everybody else, all in all a great video.

  • Anonymous

    this is when skating was real and at its finest….. miss these days

  • Mike McMullen

    Dont get it twisted, Walt still shreds super hard.

  • IL Binger

    I think the tight pants we all wear now are shrinking our balls. People use to skate such crazy stuff back then. Seems like we all just skate for style now. What happened to the stunt seekers..?

  • bryan

    i just peed a little!

    scott raser is the best!
    and colin kelso

  • Tom Hyser

    I remember that video. Sure was rad times. All these skaters are so insanely good. Doug is so talented too. Same with Frankie Loscavio and Jeremy Stephenson. John Starr was also a big influence on this video. All these dudes have gone on to do big things. The Fizzzz was the shizzz. Thanks to all those that supported Fiziks and! Walt Austin still kills it by the way.

  • Clitoris

    this is what we should bring back, and finally forget that 3 inches high rail tip-tap shit things…

  • deubeul

    walt was so fucking good.

    that vid was so sick.

  • Anonymous

    eric shrijn was the man….

  • don’t care if you hate me

    this must of been before rollerblading became a eunuch

  • Desmo

    OMG, how SICK rollerblading was!!!


    What a super redic team/vid…skating at its realest