Mason Richard: The City Never Sleeps

Mason Richard: The City Never Sleeps

The City Never Sleeps by Brian Moore: More Sections.

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  • :(

    this dude is out of control fuck yeah


    please don’t ever leave Remz

  • Trill Bill

    He is a great skater…

    But B-Smith does everything Fakie…

    Imma let you finish tho’.

  • wo

    Best 900 down a set I have ever seen….

  • Anonymous

    If it wasn’t already obvious that he should be pro …

  • Trill Bill

    He will be pro soon. But in rollerblading time soon.

    Nils has been pro. But they are two different kinda pros.

    Kinda like how Montre and Dalnas are both pro. But on two different levels.

  • Pants

    Better than most pros nowadays. 900° gaps, why not.

  • Angelsatx

    He killed at all the TEXAS comps last year

  • Dakota

    i love how the guy walking the dog just stands there – “what the hell is this?”

  • Anonymous

    It’s amazing to see this guy come back strong after his severe concussion. He said he had a physical therapist to help him learn how to walk again. 6 months later he’s domination all the comps in Texas. Respect.

  • Air dolphin

    the dude is so good. dat 900 mute..

  • Anonymous

    This is pre-concussion, but he is back from it ten times stronger. More thought in to every trick.

  • lickonmyballs

    I fucked this guy in the ass last night. He slick had that real wet wet

  • Anonymous

    Here is someone who I look up to.

  • Zachary gutweiler

    Best mason ever seen, very impressed

  • 70SAV

    He is a pleasure to watch. That 900 was dope. Those fake 3 tru miz s/u were sick.

  • Lazo

    This kid is Fuken sick,am always watching his edits b4 I sesh,his vocab iz jst so raw&badd ass! Peep game…